Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Life of Finn McCool

Our dear Finn McCool passed on this week... he was a great gun dog, family member, and Deb's inseperable companion around the house. Many of you saw him each month in the Flushing Whip, as he was often with Deb and usually engaged in some Flushing Whip "project!" Here some pics of Finn from over the years... he was a central part of our life and there is an empty place in our home since he is gone...

The "family photo" at a local hunter's trial... that's Finny in the upper right...

Finn's first flea bath right after arriving home... about 8 weeks of age...

Deb and Finn during a NAVHDA training session. Finn was the first red setter in 30 years to achieve a Utility Test pass... Deb tested him and they received a Prize II (missed a Prize I only because of his tendency to pull on the lead during heeling!)

This used to be a cart! Finn discovered a mouse inside the cart and decided that "dismantling" the cart was the best way to get the mouse! He got it, too!

Al and Finn taking a nap... this is pretty common in the Faze's house during TV time! Finn was a bit of a "stand-offish" dog with most people, but he loved cuddling with Al and Deb, and this was a typical spot to find him during the evenings.

Some pics taken during a hunter's trial at our local gun club, the TRW Gun Club. Deb often ran Finn in the local hunter's trials, and he had 1st place ribbons in both pointing and water trials. In one water trial, he beat out 25 labs and spaniels to take the blue ribbon. That was a fun day!

Finny and Eva. Finn was great with our young dogs and puppies. This is the picture found on our red setter puppy listings page.

Finn and Al doing some training... Finn was around 18 months old in this pic.

Al (on horseback) and Finn (being held by a visitor from Norway) at the breakaway of the National AKC Irish Setter Futurity, in Booneville, Arkansas. In the background (white shirt) is Ken Ruff, who bred both of Finn's parents (Quail Ridge Gabe x Brophy's Lightning II)

Deb and Finn training for NAVHDA. Finn was a "retrieve to hand" dog.

Finn and one of my good friends Chuck Torre (on the right) at a pheasant hunt in Canada. This was a regular weekend event each fall for several years.

Finn on point. He was never a stylish dog, and usually pointed with a flat tail, especially when he was young. But his points were intense, and he had an excellent nose. And, like most good versatile NAVHDA dogs, he pointed anything... birds, rabbits, groundhogs. He also was an outstanding tracker, and could track running game for long distances.

Finn and Al just a couple of months ago... watching TV together. Finn was slowing down by this point, but still went for walks with Al and the puppies in the local woods.

Deb and Finn during Christmas 2010. His health deteriorated not long after this picture.

Finn and Deb playing "catch the snowball" ...Finn's all time most favorite winter game. He was 12 years old in this picture, not bad for an "old man."

Pointing a bird during a training session for his NAVHDA U.T. test This picture was actually used by a British real estate company called "Red Setter Real Estate. The picture is found on all of their business cards, brochures, and website. Cool!

Finn pointing as a derby dog

Visiting with Jim the Postmaster at the Kingsville Post Office... Finn often stopped by to visit with Jim and the staff during the Flushing Whip mailing drop-off

Finn participating in the annual 4th of July parade in Chardon Ohio... he always carried the flag in the parade... for the entire parade route, usually around a half hour...

We think Finn could have written this book... he taught us a lot about bird dogs over his life and career...

One of Finn's favorite spots in the family room...

Finn checks out the "cannonballs"... unusual concretions found along the Cannonball River in western North Dakota, during one of our visits with Dr. Boser at his summer training camp. This was one of Finn's favorite spots... next to the Raleigh Reservoir, where he could swim during the heat of the day...

Finn visits with Tillie, one of our grandkids

In the kennel, waiting for dinner...

Finn and Deb posing for a photo session for the Flushing Whip.

Happy Fourth of July!

Finn had the science of begging down to a "fine art." Here he is showing his stuff in the kitchen next to the "dog biscuit" drawer.

Finn hanging out with one of the new puppies. Finn was our best "puppy trainer"... he helped us housebreak them, learn to hunt, and run, and was a great training companion.

Finn and Al checking out one of our northeast Ohio snows

Finny at about 4 months of age... pointing grasshoppers near our neighbor's pond

Taking a swim to cool off... about 4 months of age... he loved swimming and was also an excellent retriever.

Finn as a young derby

Finn giving us the "snake eye"...
Thank you to Ken Ruff for breeding this wonderful dog. He was a joy and gift for 13 years.

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Great tribute. Life means death but you never get used to that.