Monday, November 25, 2013

King Cormac...

Our veteran red setter King Cormac passed away today.  In the past couple of months his health had not been the best, and he spent much of his time in the house with Deb and I; this past week he had deteriorated and we made the hard decision to let him go.  Before his retirement at the age of 9, "Mac" was a contender... he had a way of going that caught your eye... smooth and effortless, like a gazelle.  Like any genuine bird dog, he was passionate about his work, and even to his last days he was relentless... last week I let him out to do his business, and found him out in the woods behind the barn pointing a small covey of quail.  Mac traveled the rounds with me over the past 13 years.  As I was digging up the pictures below, I was making a list of some of the places he ran... South Carolina, North Carolina, Beaver Valley PA, Dubois PA, Broome County NY, York PA, Seven Valleys PA, Highland MI, Wooster OH, North Dakota, Grovespring MO, Berea KY,  Greensburg PA, Indian Creek OH, TriValley OH, Darien Lake NY, Killdeer Plains OH... I'm sure I've missed some others.  Mac was an exciting dog to team up with in a trial... he always made my adrenalin go to a new level.  Whatever happened, Mac was going to do it in style.  If he screwed up, he did it in a big way... when he was on, the same.  He placed in more trials for me than any other dog I have trialed.  I'm not a person who runs the championship circuit... I"m just a "weekend warrior."  But, I'm sure, had Mac been in the right hands, he would have had a "Ch" in front of his name.  As it was, he was a champion for me, right to the end.  He was a beautiful, courageous, and passionate bird dog.  We sure had some great fun together.
Rest In Peace, old friend.  We will miss you.

King Cormac
(Come Back Rock x Gillian)

A product of the Purest Challenge

with Deb at Briar Oak Club in Ohio

At Beaver Valley Pointer & Setter Club

At Berea KY (retired)

At the Crooked Creek Gun Dog Club

Ohio Red Setter Club, Farmington Ohio

Ohio Red Setter Club, Berlin, Ohio

At Berea, KY

Berea, KY

Finn McCool (top)
King Cormac (bottom)

Christmas 2012 in North Carolina

At Leetonia Gun Club

At the house in North Carolina 

Beaver Valley PA

McDonalds Sportsman Club, PA

Grove Spring, MO

Northeast Ohio Winners Trial

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Six Runs FTC December Trial...

The Six Runs Field Trial Club will be running its annual December trial on December 20, 21, and 22 at the Six Runs Plantation in Rose Hill, North Carolina.  Six Runs is located about 15 miles southeast of Clinton NC in Sampson County at 2517 Register-Sutton Rd, Rose Hill, NC 28458.  GPS  Coordinates: (34.824531,-78.290831)  This trial will have both walking and horseback stakes.  Walking stakes are sanction by U.S. Complete and will count as a U.S. Complete Points trial.  There are hotel accommodations in nearby Clinton NC.  Horses and trailers may be kept on the grounds.  Water is available.  Lunch will be available daily at the grounds.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Preliminary Results of SD Championship...

Open Championship:  Winner... Come Back Audie  Joe Edwards O/H
                                  RU... Zansett Simply Red   Stan ZZZ owner/Sean Melvin handler

More details will follow...