Sunday, March 30, 2008

Red Setter Foundation

The National Red Setter Field Trial Club is pleased to announce that a non-profit foundation has been established to support the educational efforts of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club. A foundation is a 501c(3) (non-profit) entity with the purpose of raising monies to further the mission of the organization. In this case, providing resources to support the educational efforts of the NRSFTC are among the most important missions of this new foundation.

The name of the foundation is the Red Setter Foundation. Because the Red Setter Foundation is a 501c(3) organization, donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Individuals and/or groups may apply for grants from the Red Setter Foundation. In addition, interested parties are welcome to make contributions to support the mission of the Red Setter Foundation.

For additional information, check out the Red Setter Foundation website at

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sad News...

We are saddened to announce that FC AFC 2x NFC SPEEDY EDIE O'FLOIN died March 19. Born July 4 2002, Edie was a bright star in the kennels of Jack Flynn. She had most recently won the ISCA National Field Trial Championship in Booneville Arkansas just this past autumn. The National Red Setter Field Trial Club extends our most sincere condolences to Jack on this terrible loss of such a young competitor. She was a beautiful dog on the ground and on her game. She represented the cause of the Purest Challenge with pride and integrity, and she will be sorely missed.

If there is a heaven for bird dogs, Speedie is surely there, and those gamebirds in heaven will have a workout.

Monday, March 17, 2008


It's the word that best describes the magnificent team effort of man and dog... the Iditarod. There is nothing else like it, not in bird dogs, not anywhere. I consider it to be one of most spectacular canine events on the planet. Hats off to those to attempt this great feat, and accolades to those who complete the quest. As Lance Mackey said after crossing the finish line... "I'm just blessed with an incredible dog team." That's an understatement.

Here's the official news report...

"NOME, Alaska — Lance Mackey won his second consecutive Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Wednesday, completing the 1,100-mile journey across Alaska in just under nine and a half days.The 37-year-old throat cancer survivor from Fairbanks and 11 dogs crossed the finish line under Nome's burled arch at 2:46 a.m. ADT Wednesday.He yelled "Yeah, baby!" as he drove his team down Nome's Front Street. Fans mobbed him along the final 10 blocks, slapping his hand."I'm not much to brag very often, but damn, I'm going to this time," he said. "I don't know exactly how to explain it. I'm just blessed with an incredible dog team."His family greeted him at the finish line and he received congratulatory phone calls from his father, Dick Mackey, a former Iditarod champion, and Gov. Sarah Palin.Palin told Mackey: "You're a hero, and truly an inspiration to all of us."For much of the race Mackey tussled for the lead with four-time winner Jeff King of Denali Park, who was about an hour back. He also struggled with dogs stricken with diarrhea and slowed by unseasonably warm weather over much of the trail.Wednesday's win was a repeat of Mackey's 2007 feat when he became the first musher to win back-to-back runs in the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race and the Iditarod in the same year. Last month, he won his fourth straight Yukon Quest."

Check out this video, provided courtesy of the official Iditarod website...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

2008 Futurity Winners!

1 Ruby, Allen Fazenbaker O/H Roger Boser, breeder

2 Chaperon, Roger Boser O/H/B

3 Celtic's Charisma, Paul Ober, O/B, Rex Cottle, H

4 Come Back Dally, Joe Edwards, O/H/B

From left to right (1st row) is Joe Edwards of Come Back Kennels, Brenda Edwards, Rex Cottle, Roger Boser of Bearcat Kennels, & Allen Fazenbaker of Conneaut Creek Kennels; in the 2nd row is Jim Moreland of Tritronics, Tim McClurg, judge, and CW Sheldon, judge.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Porcupines and Dogs

...are not a good mix! In fact, they can be downright dangerous to your hunting dog. These two pics show the extensive damage that can occur to a dog (in this case a pitbull) who decides he or she can "whip" a porcupine. Extensive penetration of the quills of the porcupine can cause local and systemic infection. In addition, the quills can break off and migrate from the origin to other locations in the body, potentially causing infections in other body organs such as the lungs, kidneys, or heart.
If you're in porcupine country, be sure to carry a pair of needle nose pliers in your first aid kit. If you have an extensive amount of quills such as shown here, you're best bet is to get to the vet, so that some type of anesthesia can be administered to reduce pain and swelling.
Remember, porcupines always win.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Red Setter All Age Champion!

Congratulations to our new Red Setter Champion Picadilly and RunnerUp Come Back Casey. Picadilly is owned and handled by Dr. Roger Boser of Seven Valleys, PA. Come Back Casey is owned and handled by Rex Cottle of Mt. Olive, NC. Roger & Rex are surrounded by well wishers, including Futurity Chair Allen Fazenbaker, Tritronics Consultant Jim Morehouse, judge Tim McClurg, judge CW Sheldon, and club members Rupert Colmore and Stan Zdanczewicz.

Join us in our quest. Honor the Purest Challenge and ride with the red dogs!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Survival Mode!!

National Red Setter Championship and Futurity
Run Under Grueling Weather
Picadilly named 2008 Champion
Her Ruby Red Slipper Futurity Winner

The National Red Setter Field Trial Club hosted its National Championship, Futurity and supporting stakes at the Central Kentucky Wildlife Management Area in Berea KY under some of the most adverse weather conditions in recent club history. At the drawing on Wednesday, March 5, Trial Chair Tim Hammons noted that the weather forecasters were calling for a significant reduction in weather quality on Friday, with the possibility of rain, sleet, or snow developing along with dropping temperatures. The weather forecast turned out to be correct on all counts.

Roger Boser flushes a quail during the Thursday braces

The National Championship began on Thursday morning, with pleasant temperatures and near perfect conditions for running dogs. Although the grounds were a bit muddy, the horses had good footing, and braces run that day had a good time of it, including the eventual Champion, Picadilly, owned and handled by Roger Boser of Seven Valleys, PA. After 6 braces on Thursday, however, things deteriorated rapidly. Friday morning found the judges and handled thrown into a driving rain, with falling temperatures and significant wind, making for brutal conditions for dogs, horses, and humans. Staying dry in such conditions was nearly impossible, and dogs and horses struggled over muddy courses now covered with water and sleet. Wind chill factors pushed the efforts into the danger zone. By afternoon, conditions had deteriorated to the point where the Board of Directors quickly met to decide a best course of action. With one brace of the Futurity completed, it was decided to call it quits for the day and see what the next day would bring. Meanwhile, the walking stakes, being run on another course east of the horseback courses, were fairing in similar fashion. The general membership meeting and awards banquet was held on Friday evening, and by the time the attendees had headed to their cars or trailers to rest for the night, a thick coating of ice had formed over the area. Temperatures plummeted to the teens, and sleet and snow pelted the grounds; later that night, snow covered the Kentucky landscape. Al Fazenbaker & Joe Edwards loading dogs into the wagon on Saturday

By Saturday morning, the grounds had received several inches of snow, and the temperature was holding in the teens. After a conference with the judges and Directors, the decision was made to make an initial attempt to continue with a brace of the Futurity, and from that, to determine whether it was feasible to move forward.

Gallery braves the elements on Saturday

Of greatest concern was the ability of horses to handled the frozen grounds, with a mixture of ice, snow, and mud making it potentially dangerous for horses to maintain their footing. The judges, Tim McClurg and CW Sheldon, were to make the call. After running the first brace of the day, it was decided to move on. The snowfall from the preceding night, coupled with the continuing snow, had provided enough insulation so that the ground, while muddy and sloppy, was not frozen, and horses were able to obtain good traction in spite of the poor conditions of the weather. The Futurity pushed forward, and was completed by around 3 pm on Saturday. Soout Roger Boser at the line with Futurity winner Ruby. Wind was gusting to 40 mph

Al Fazenbaker's "Her Ruby Red Slipper" won the top spot, running in continuing snowfall and subzero temperatures. With temperatures expecting to drop into the night, it was decided to run the puppy stakes rather than move into a protracted stake with the All Age and Shooting Dog. With only 5 puppies to run, the judges were heading to the barn by around 5:30 pm, with Flushing Whip Roger Ramjet taking the puppy blue for Al Fazenbaker. With clearing skies, the temperatures now plummeted. By Sunday morning, the sun greeted the red setter gallery with a balmy temperature of 8 degrees! Joe Edwards prepares to flush over his dog in the All Age stake on Sunday. Weather was still cold, but sunny.
But, with the clear skies and sun warming the earth, temperatures rose again, reaching the mid 40s by early afternoon. With the return of near normal temperatures, the All Age stake, won by Aiken (Roger Boser) and the Shooting Dog stake, won by Picadilly (Roger Boser) were completed by 5 pm Sunday.

And a good time was had by all!!
When the going gets tough, the red setters get going!!
Thanks to NRSFTC Board member Tom Norton for the great pics!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ted Nugent... says it like it is (or should be)

Ned Nugent is one of my favorite rockers! NUGENT ROCKS! And better yet... he loves the red dogs!! Used to hunt over red setters when he was into bird hunting... Ned's a big supporter of gun rights and other constitutional issues near and dear to us... he might not be "politically correct" but he says it like it needs to be said... no sugar coating here... it's about time someone started telling the TRUTH (oh... I forgot... the politicians are telling us the truth, aren't they??)

Check out Ted Nugent's Official Website at

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back on the scoreboard...

Ran my first walking trial of the year this past weekend, after having to sit out the fall season due to an unforseen health issue (now resolved)... ran my old "veteran" King Cormac in the open Shooting Dog at Wayne County Coon Hunters trial in Wooster Ohio, and he took the blue against 10 white dogs... had a great run and really nice piece of bird work. It's nice to be "back in the game" after a long and boring autumn and winter... it was great to ride the galleries with my Tennessee walker "Bud" and watch the dogs and handlers, and and it was especially good to see all my field trial friends and competitors!

King Cormac

Proudly Honoring the Purest Challenge in northeast Ohio!