Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can't keep a good red dog owner down

A couple of months ago I posted a photo of my best friend Julie after her motorcycle accident. Well now I wanted to post another photo so all could see she is recovering very wellsimply to point out it's tuff to keep a good red setter owner down. Julie was out on one crutch i mid November. She's not fully recovered but she had to get out and see what her dog can do now since she hasn't been able to do any field work with Lady the past few months. I had been taking lady out and working with her a little while Julie has been laid up. Julie was most anxious to get out and see her dog work. I promised Julie she would actually be able to shoot a pheasant over her dog if she could hit it. This would be something she has not been able to do since acquiring Lady. Julie also got to see how improved lady's handling has become and finding and holding staunch points even until Julie could get there hobbling with one crutch to flush the bird.

Julie was able to shoottwo nice rooster pheasants over Lady. Now lady does need more work but Julie has now been able to witness what a nice hunting dog her red setter is becoming with minimal training.

Julie's injuries from her accident are as follows: Broken Tibia, fracture to base of skull, severe scalping requiring 60 plus stitches many bumps and bruises