Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays From the Red Setter folks!

Happy Holidays from the National Red Setter Field Trial Club and all those who love and are owned by the red setters in their lives!  

Red setter "Teal" owned and loved by Emilen, granddaughter of Al Houde of Stafford, VA

Teal is a proud product of the Purest Challenge 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fall Shooting Dog Championship Pics!!

Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
Front: Roger Boser w/ Breakstone; Mary Boser w/ Touchstone
Back: Jeff Marshall, judge; Bonnie Hidalgo; Gailen Cooper, judge; Sue Chirigotis; Stan Zdanczewicz and Brenda Edwards.

Open Derby
Front: Roger Boser w/Lumineer; Al Fazenbaker w/Brees; Sean Melvin w/Come Back Winder
Back: Joe Edwards; Jim Morehouse; Jeff Marshall, judge; Gailen Cooper, judge; Dennis Hidalgo; Tom Norton; Stan Zdanczewicz; Ed Liermann; Deb Fazenbaker; Ron Cassidy & Christa Townsend.

Open Shooting Dog Championship
Front: Joe Edwards w/Come Back Audie; Sue Chirigotis and Sean Melvin w/ Zansett Simply Red; Christa Townsend
Back: Jeff Marshall, judge; Jim Morehouse; Gailen Cooper, judge; Seth; Dennis Hidalgo; Bruce Ludwig; Stan Zdanczewicz; Ed Liermann; Ron & Karen Cassidy.

Open Puppy
Front: Joe Edwards w/Come Back Bella; Dennis Hidalgo w/Firefly’s Gemstone; Al Fazenbaker w/Conneaut Creek Tullamore Do
Standing: Sean Melvin; Jim Morehouse; Gailen Cooper & Jeff Marshall, the judges; Tom Norton; Bonnie Hidalgo; Ed Liermann; Deb Fazenbaker; Sue Chirigotis; Stan Zdanczewicz and Christa Townsend

Open All Age
Front: Roger Boser w/Touchstone; Joe Edwards w/Come Back Audie; Sean Melvin w/Breakstone; Christa Townsend
Back: Jim Morehouse; Jeff Marshall & Gailen Cooper, the judges; Seth; Dennis Hidalgo; Bruce Ludwig; Sue Chirigotis; Stan Zdanczewicz; Ed Liermann; Ron & Karen Cassidy

Open Walking Shooting Dog
Front: Deb Fazenbaker w/ Flushing Whip’s Roger Ramjet; Don Beauchamp w/Warjam’s Red Ranger; Al Fazenbaker w/Her Ruby Red Slipper
Back: Jim Morehouse; Jeff Marshall; Gailen Cooper; Seth; Dennis & Bonnie Hidalgo, judges; Sue Chirigotis; Stan Zdanczewicz (hidden) Jessie; Ed Liermann; Christa Townsend and Sean Melvin

Congratulations to the winners!

These dogs and handlers are a part of the Purest Challenge... 

Come join us in our pursuit of the Purest Challenge.