Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tim Hammons Gets It Done!

Congratulations to NRSFTC Board member Tim Hammons on his recent 2nd Place finish in the Brandenburg Ky Unbridled.  Great job Tim!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Visitor from the western frontier of the Purest Challenge!

Craig O'Brine, of Red Delicious Kennels in Yakima Washington was in Erie PA on business this week and Al & Deb were able to visit with Craig before he headed back to the western frontier!  Here's a pic of us at the Olive Garden in Erie PA having dinner and chatting about the red dogs!  Thanks to Craig and his wife Carolyn for their ardent support of the Purest Challenge.  Craig runs several field trials each year in his region and is a huge promoter of the red setter in the northwest.  It was great to see Craig... he says he's planning to drop in on one of our Championships soon... looking forward to seeing him there.

Red Delicious Kennels is a proud member of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club.

Red Delicious Rachel
Rest In Peace

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Red Setter Display update!

The National Red Setter Hall of Fame display located at the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction TN has been updated!  Our 50" LCD display screen is now functional and is programmed with several video loops illustrating pictures of red setters, as well as a narrated history of the club.  If you are traveling in the south this season, be sure to stop by the Bird Dog museum and check it out.  

Al & Deb Faze at the new red setter display in Grand Junction.  Had a few red dogs with us too!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Jeannie Wagner nominated for AKC Lifetime Achievement Award

Longtime Irish Setter Club of Ohio member Jeannie Wagner has been nominated for the 2014 American Kennel Club Lifetime Achievement Award.  Jeannie has been a stalwart of the Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio ( and for many years has been the backbone of AKC field trials sanctioned by the ISCO.  She is a tireless worker and was instrumental in acquiring and supporting the TriValley field trial grounds in Dresden Ohio.  Congratulations to Jeannie and thanks for your support of field trials in Ohio!