Friday, December 23, 2011

deep in cover

This is Sadie 18 months old. Sadie is made up of Bearcat lineage. Finding birds is not a problem for this lil girl she's all business. I happened to snap these shots with my phone. The pheasant had slipped away on us, Sadie did find it again and it didn't get away.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Dexter the red dog!

(owned and loved by Lance and Lauren of Kentucky)

Dexter is a product of the Purest Challenge!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Second Thoughts About Hunting??

True story and probably most people will never know it...

Here's an interesting sidebar.

After the Japanese decimated our fleet in Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941, they could have sent their troop ships and carriers directly to California to finish what they started.

The prediction from our Chief of Staff was we would not be able to stop a massive invasion until they 
reached the Mississippi River.

So, why did they not invade?

After the war, the remaining Japanese generals and admirals were asked that question.
Their answer......
They knew that that almost every home had guns and the Americans knew how to use them..

The world's largest army... America's hunters!
I never thought about this...

A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin..
Allow me to restate that number... 600,000.
Over the last several months, Wisconsin's hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

More men under arms than in Iran..

More than in France and Germany combined.

These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed.

That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania, and Michigan's
700,000 hunters, all of whom have now returned home.

Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

The point?

America will be forever safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower. Hunting. It's not 
just a way to fill the freezer.  It's a matter of national security.

That's why all enemies, foreign and domestic,want to see us disarmed.

Food for thought when next we consider gun control.

Author, most certainly American, but unfortunately unknown.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Texas Red Setter Club Trial Jan. 7 & 8

Texas Red Setter Club
Members AFTCA & Region 7 • Blank Ammo & Manufactured Barrel Guns Only!
Horseback Trial - Region 7 Points
January 7-8, 2012 Starts at 8:00 a.m. each day
Grounds: P3 Porter Ranch, Hubbard, TX. Turn northeast on Elm (1/2 mile from stoplight in town – by bank) turn right at the T (1
block later); 3.5 miles to Porter Ranch; 3rd gate on left (Stay left at the “Y” 3322 intersection). Signs at the entrance. Lunches
available on grounds both days. Entries are limited to the number of dogs that can be run during available daylight hours. Drawing on
Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 8 p.m., at the home of Royce and Mary Ann Gustafson, 8305 Elroy Rd., Del Valle, TX 78617.
Stakes and Order of Running:
OPEN SHOOTING DOG (30 Min.) Saturday, January 7 ....... $45.00
OPEN SHOOTING DOG DERBY (30 Min.) to Follow ......... $45.00
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG (30 Min.) to Follow .............. $45.00
Plaques to 1st place dogs; Ribbons to 3 places in all stakes
Judges: Conrad Plevnic, Jim Baker, Dickie Sorrell
Entries to:
Mary Ann Gustafson (512) 247-3731-home/(512) 560-9196-cell; email:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Red Dogs Have A Good Day At NBHA Trial !!

 The Long Run Bird Dog Club held an NBHA trial in Berea, KY this past Saturday.   Jim Ashby convinced Lance Culver and Lauren Hensley to enter their dog, Lakeview Timeless Treasure (Dexter) in the puppy stakes for their first field trial event ever. As things happen the day was a good day for "red".  Dexter was first place in the puppy stakes and Jim's puppy Lakeview Rondo Muldoon was second. Dexter is out of a litter of puppies Jim raised in January out of Lucy and Hondo and Rondo is out of a litter in early August.  Rondo is the youngest puppy Jim has ever run and he seems to like the opportunity as he has placed 2nd in his first two events.
Lucy (Lakeview Kant Katch Me) was second in the Amateur Shooting Dog stakes and Hondo Muldoon was third.
So the Lakeview crew had a good day at the trial! The red dogs had 4 of the first 6 places given at the trial on Saturday.

The picture , left to right, shows Lance Culver with Lucy Jim Ashby with Hondo, Lauren with Dexter and Charlie Turner with Rondo.  Mom and Dad with pups from two litters!

Great job Lakeview Kennels and to the new handlers and their red setter puppies!

Lakeview Kennels is proud to be a part of the Purest Challenge.

Happy Holidays from Dexter!

Happy Holidays from Dexter!  Dexter is owned and loved by Lauren Hensley and Lance Carver from Richmond KY.  Dexter was bred out of Lakeview Kennels (Jim Ashby).  Dexter is 10 months old and is a proud product of the Purest Challenge.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can't keep a good red dog owner down

A couple of months ago I posted a photo of my best friend Julie after her motorcycle accident. Well now I wanted to post another photo so all could see she is recovering very wellsimply to point out it's tuff to keep a good red setter owner down. Julie was out on one crutch i mid November. She's not fully recovered but she had to get out and see what her dog can do now since she hasn't been able to do any field work with Lady the past few months. I had been taking lady out and working with her a little while Julie has been laid up. Julie was most anxious to get out and see her dog work. I promised Julie she would actually be able to shoot a pheasant over her dog if she could hit it. This would be something she has not been able to do since acquiring Lady. Julie also got to see how improved lady's handling has become and finding and holding staunch points even until Julie could get there hobbling with one crutch to flush the bird.

Julie was able to shoottwo nice rooster pheasants over Lady. Now lady does need more work but Julie has now been able to witness what a nice hunting dog her red setter is becoming with minimal training.

Julie's injuries from her accident are as follows: Broken Tibia, fracture to base of skull, severe scalping requiring 60 plus stitches many bumps and bruises

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good News Bad news

Not long ago I took in a 4 year old red Setter that the owners finally realized they were not doing right by the breeding of this red setter. I in turn gave her to my best friend Julie Crawford and began assisting her in trianing her new red setter as a grouse and pheasant dog. Knowing that this dog came out of Hidalgo kennels I was sure she had a good nose. Sure enough "Lady" showed that she was capable but not accucto to hunting for the gun.

Julie and I have been making great progress with Lady.

But then tragedy struck and Julie was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in late August just one week after this photo of Julie and lady was taken.

Julie was seriously injured leaving her with 60 stitches in her head, fracture neck vertabrae, a broken leg wich required surgery and a weeks stay in the hosptial and 3 weeks of recovery away from home and her cherrished red Setter "Lady". The good news is Julie will make a full recovery and will be able to get some hunting in late autumn. Julie has been able to return home for short periods to see Lady but those visits are short due to the severity of Julie's injuries.

Friday, September 2, 2011

AKC to permit ATVs in field trials...

Well known Michigan Brittany Field trialer and longtime AKC judge, Jeff Reed, after a 3 year legal fight, has successfully forced the AKC to allow ATVs and horses in all AKC Pointing breed stakes for qualified mobility disabled pointing breed field trial handlers. The following attached AKC letter states under what rules and regulations ATVs and horses in walking stakes can be used without AKC penalty. Medical information is not to be sent to the AKC but to the particular state government controlling the field trial area. For the first time since the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act was passed , the AKC was found to be in total non compliance for 21 years in a continued effort to deny mobility disabled dog handlers a mobility accommodation to run their dogs with alternative means of conveyance such as ATVs and horses. Said Jeff Reed after receiving notice he could use a horse in any AKC stake his dog is qualified to run including ALL walking stakes, "I spent well over $5,000 dollars in legal costs and was prohibited from AKC field trialing for 3 years to get this AKC Pointing Breed Rule Book changed to accommodate the disabled field trial person. I hope to see some folks who were denied the opportunity to run their dogs with ATVs or horses to now run in any stakes they could not medically walk to compete. In Michigan 2 field trialers have already been approved to use an ATV or a horse in a walking pointing breed stakes."

Additional info on this ruling will be posted as it becomes available...

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Roger going in for the flush...

Stony nails a sharptail...

This posting from Bonnie Hidalgo on Facebook...

"Score one for the Red Setters! Breakstone and Roger Boser just won Runner-up Champion in the National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship at Circle, MT. There were 55 entries and Stony made everyone sit up and take notice with his ground eating race and two superb finds; one on Sharptail and one on Huns! Well Done Roger! Dennis sure enjoyed scouting for you!!! Austin Turley and Railita were the winners and deservedly so but Breakstone gave them a run for their money."

Congratulations to Roger and Stony!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breakstone RU in National Amateur Pheasant Championship...

Just received word that Breakstone has taken the Runner-up in the National Amateur Pheasant Championship in Circle Montana, with a total entry of 55 dogs. More info to follow as it becomes available!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Red setter puppies available...

I have word from the following that they have litters on the ground or will have within a month...

Roger Boser (currently in North Dakota, returing to PA in mid-September, litter out of Justified)
Ed Lierman (8 wk old pups out of Celtic-Comeback lines)
Don Beauchamp (upcoming litter out of Jericho)
Jim Ashby (upcoming litter out of Hondo x Cant Katch Kate)
Paul Ober (litter coming in early August)

Al Fazenbaker

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AKC approves outcrossings for several breeds...

The AKC Board took the following actions at its July meeting:

"Lhasa Apso Stud Book
"The Board VOTED to approve a request from the American Lhasa Apso
Club (ALAC) to expand the Lhasa Apso gene pool by opening the stud
book to a limited number of Lhasa Apsos from native Tibetan Stock.
Staff will work with the ALAC to develop the procedures to include the
Gompa Lhasa Apso dogs in Open Registration as well as establishing the
breed in the AKC Foundation Stock Service for dogs imported from the
country of origin lacking complete pedigrees in accordance with the
request by ALAC."

"The Registration of Low Uric Acid Dalmatians
"The Board reviewed the results of a vote by the membership of the
Dalmatian Club of America (DCA). By a 55-45% margin, the membership
voted in favor of registering these dogs.
Following a motion by Dr. Newman, seconded by Dr. Smith it was VOTED
(unanimously) to authorize AKC Staff to develop procedures for the
registration of these dogs. The procedures will be developed in
consultation with the Board of the DCA. To ensure that the
introduction of the Low Uric Acid dogs into the registry is an
informed, voluntary decision, the registration numbers for the Low
Uric Acid Dalmatians and their descendents will have a letter
indicator as part of the registration number."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coyotes and birds...

Researchers have found that areas with the most coyotes had the fewest cats and the most songbirds.

The reason for this is pretty simple: Coyotes prey on cats, raccoons and possums, all of which prey on songbirds and songbird nests. Feral and domestic cats alone kill over three billion birds and small mammals each year in the U.S.!

Thanks to Terrierman blog for this posting

NRSFTC opposes AFTCA fee increase...

Resolution of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club

May 15, 2011

Whereas the Board of Directors of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA) has proposed an additional $3 fee per dog to be assessed on all dogs running under AFTCA sanctioned events,

Whereas the proposal of a $3 fee per dog would place an undue burden on our club already under financial stress from recent economic events in our country,
Whereas the proposal of a $3 fee per dog would place an additional financial burden on club members, most notably those newer club members who have limited financial resources and are already under financial strain,
Whereas the proposed $3 fee per dog essentially amounts to a tax on our sport, without any obvious benefits for such a tax,
Whereas the proposed $3 fee per dog would place a heavier burden upon non-Championship events due to their larger draws and higher frequency, resulting in an excessive burden upon the hobbyist weekend field trialer,

Whereas the proposed $3 fee per dog is being proposed for questionable reasons, without the benefit of substantial data to support such a proposal,
Whereas the National Red Setter Field Trial Club believes it would be in the best interest of the AFTCA and all its member clubs to release complete and full financial reports to all members of the organization and establish a philosophy of full disclosure,
Whereas the National Red Setter Field Trial Club believes an increase in efficiency and/or a more vigorous management of fiscal operations would be a more suitable proposal for the AFTCA’s financial woes,
We, the members of the Board of Directors of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club hereby express opposition to the AFTCA proposal, and
Furthermore, request that the members of the Board of Directors of the AFTCA support our opposition to this proposal by a “no” vote at the AFTCA Board of Directors meeting.
By vote of the Board of Directors of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club
This 15th day of May in the year 2011.
Don Beauchamp, President
Jim Ashby, 1st Vice President
Brian Gelinis, 2nd Vice President
Ross Leonard, Treasurer
Ed Lierman, Secretary
Deborah Fazenbaker, Editor in Chief, The Flushing Whip
Allen Fazenbaker, National Red Setter Futurity Chair
Roger Boser, member of the Board
Bob White, member of the Board
Rupert Colmore, member of the Board
Tim Hammons, member of the Board
Mike Jacobson, member of the Board
Dennis Hidalgo, member of the Board
Tom Norton, member of the Board

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silver Creek Kennels turfing it up!

When Tim and Kris Hammons aren't running their red dogs, Tim likes to take a ride on the Big Blue... check out this action!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ransom Has Arrived!

As many of you are aware, our beloved Finn McCool, the mascot of the Flushing Whip and our editor's inseperable companion passed away this past January. Finny was a product of Ken & Linda Ruff's Brophy Irish Setters. This weekend, we traveled to Sycamore Illinois, home of Brophy Kennels, and picked up the newest addition to our home... meet Flushing Whip Editor In Chief, aka "Ransom"... while he can never replace our Finn McCool, he certainly is bound to fill a void in our family and home... a special thank you to Ken and Linda Ruff for once again making our kennels and our home a better place! I think you might see a picture or two of this guy in the Whip... :)

How 'bout that tail !!

Deb and Ransom

Ready to go...

Looks like they will get along...

Getting acquainted

Ken Ruff and Deb Faze

Ken is currently undergoing some serious medical issues... please keep him and his family in your hearts and prayers with best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help with Technology..

Hi all,

As some of you may know, we have a pedigree datebase for our red setters that currently has close to 4000 dogs... unfortuanately, as with much older technology, the application does not work with more recent operating systems, such as Windows 7. I would like to get the data into a more contemporary format, and if possible, to try and find an open-source server-side app that would allow folks to add to to the database from a website... if there is anyone out there with some time on their hands and a willingness to donate some time and expertise to such a project, I would be appreciative. Shoot me an email at for more info!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been there, done that...

The Irish Red and White Setter Club of Ireland has announced that they are pursuing a program of outcrossing to Irish red setters to improve their breed, due to concerns about their gene pool. Interestingly, the club has made a specific notation in their program rules that any FDSB Irish red setter (or any Irish red setter that has FDSB blood) would not be eligible. So, the Irish Red and White Setter Club is planning to outcross their gene pool to another breed, but they are prohibiting any outcrossing to the single breed that has been most successful in outcrossing to improve their breed? Ummmm... the logic of that philosophy somehow escapes me. Also, it makes one wonder... how do these folks intend to ensure that there hasn't been some outcrossing occuring in either the Irish red setter population, or the Irish Red and White population? Wait, of course there has been no outcrossing in these two populations; the FDSB Irish red setter population is the only canine gene pool that has ever outcrossed, right?

In the meantime, if any of those folks would like some advice on how to run a successful outcrossing program, feel free to contact us. We're the National Red Setter Field Trial Club. We've done that, and we brought a breed back from extinction. We've also got the best Irish red setters on the face of the earth, and that includes Ireland.

From the Irish Red & White Setter Club website...


It is envisaged that any Irish Red Setter or Irish Red & White Setter from an FCI Country and a National Kennel Club which the IKC approves of could be used in this programme. The reason the club suggests that this programme be confined to FCI countries or such National Kennel Club is that agreement in regards to an Outcross Programme would have to be a binding document. As this is an International Outcross Programme the Irish Red & White Setter Club recommends that this would be run with the co-operation of the Irish Red Setter Club and the National Kennel Club of that Country, the Irish Kennel Club and the Irish Red & White Setter Club.

A formal agreement between the two participating Kennel Clubs.

Rules & Regulations for an International Outcross Programme.

  • All Irish Red Setters and Irish Red & White Setters, which are proposed to be included in this Outcross Programme would have to be approved by the Outcross Committee.
  • All Irish Red Setters included in this programme would have to have the appropriate health certificates in regards to Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency, CLAD and a Hip Dysplasia certificate.
  • All Irish Red & White Setters would require the same certificates plus a certificate in regards to being von Willebrands free.
  • In regards to testing Irish Red & White Setters for von Willebrands disease, CLAD & Hip Dysplasia the Irish Kennel Club will recommend a Veterinary Surgeon approved by them to carry out this procedure.
  • The details of all the dogs’ pedigrees, health certificates and all other relevant documents must be presented to the committee four months prior to any mating. Any deviation on this matter must have the approval of the committee.
  • The Irish Red & White Setter Club is aware that some ‘Irish Red Setters FDSB’ were imported fromAmerica and were mated with Irish Red Setters in Europe . This American Red Setter breeding is not recognised by the American Kennel Club as Irish Red Setters or by the Irish Kennel Club and the Irish Red Setter Club is totally opposed to having dogs with such breeding being introduced to the Irish Red Setter gene pool. We are aware that these dogs were crossed with English Setters in the past. Under no circumstances can any dog with such pedigrees be used in any part of the Outcross Programme.
  • The Irish Red & White Setter Club proposes that all dogs participating in the Outcross Programme would be micro-chipped for identification. It is also proposed that any resulting pups may be DNA tested at the request of the Outcross Committee. This would have to be part of any signed agreement entered into by all participants in the Outcross Programme.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Canines Helped Capture Bin Laden...

A FEARLESS four-legged recruit joined US Special Forces as they stormed Osama Bin Laden's secret lair.

The explosive-sniffing dog was strapped to an assault team member as they took on one of their greatest challenges to date.
He was part of the operation in which the elite US Navy Seals lowered themselves down ropes from three Black Hawk
helicopters into the terrorist supremo's hideout in the town of Abbottabad, Pakistan, on Sunday.
The world's most wanted man, 54, was shot dead by a Special Forces marksman during the raid.
Heavily armoured hounds — equipped with infrared night-sight cameras — have been used in the past by the top-secret unit.
The war dogs wear ballistic body armour that is said to withstand damage from single and double-edged knives, as well as protective gear which shields them from shrapnel and gunfire.
German Shepherds have been leading the way in SAS raids in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Wearing oxygen masks, the pooches have been trained to jump from aircraft at 25,000ft, before seeking out insurgents in hostile environments.

The animals will attack anyone carrying a weapon and have become a pivotal part of special operations as they crawl unnoticed into tunnels or rooms to hunt for enemy combatants.
The cameras on their heads beam live TV pictures back to the troops, providing them with critical information and warning of ambushes.
Dogs were also used in the capture of Saddam Hussein and in the killing of the Iraqi dictator's two sons.

Read more:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Go Walmart!!

Puppy miller operators, American Kennel Club show-dog breeders, right-wing ideologues, and folks who have embraced non-working and defective-by-design dogs, like to spend time inflating the power and influence of HSUS and PeTA.

As Border Collie man Donald McCaig has noted, this has largely been done as an organizing tool and as a way of deflecting away any sensible conversation about breeding for intentional defect, inbreeding, and ruination of working dog breeds.

Of course, HSUS and PeTA are actually very weak organizations that operate as little more than direct mail mills.

In fact, these organizations are so weak, that puppy mills operate without much oversight and commercial dog kennels have only the most minimal of legislated standards (and almost no on-the-ground inspections).

You want to know who has real power in America?

It's the NRA -- and I do not mean the National Rifle Association. I mean the National Restaurant Association -- the folks who want to pump you full of Taco Bell buritos, McDonald's quarter pounders, and all-you-can-eat pizza.

Drive down any strip mall and count the fast food outlets. There's not a sign of HSUS or PeTA is there?

HSUS and PeTA as a political force? Gimme a break! These folks are nearly invisible on Capitol Hill.

If you want REAL political power, go to the beef, poultry, dairy, hog, corn, soy and wheat producers in any state. That's power!

You want more power? Go to the Congressional Sportsman's Caucus (the largest caucus in Washington) which makes sure that we continue to have wild lands where hunting and fishing are preserved as core American activities.

The truth is that the headquarters of both HSUS and PeTA are surrounded by Pittman-Robertson hunting lands, national forest hunting lands, and state forest hunting lands.

There is no place in America that is more than 10 miles from a vendor of guns, fishing rods, and ammunition -- or more than 30 miles from public lands on which to use them.

And, sadly, there is probably no place in America that is more than 30 miles from a kennel of horror where dogs are shoved into feces- and urine-soaked cages without mental stimulation of any kind.

But we're supposed to be scared because HSUS and PeTA have all this power? Power to do what? To ask us to eat a salad every once in a while?

It's laughable.

So what's the latest?

The latest is that Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, is now putting more hunting rifles, shotguns, and ammunition in its stores.

About a third of Wal-Mart's more than 3,600 U.S. locations sell guns and ammo right now, but that figure will rise to about half as Wal-Mart decides to restore "heritage categories" of merchandise.


Hunting and fishing is part of America's heritage.

I'm not sure right-wing paranoia, breeding diseased, deformed and defective dogs, or direct mail mills quite rise to that level... At least not yet.
Thanks to Terrierman blogger for this article.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wisconsin dogs...

MADISON, Wis.— A Wisconsin lawmaker wants to ban many felons from owning vicious dogs.

The bill being circulated by Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay would make it a misdemeanor for someone convicted of a violent or drug-related felony to own a dog that has been declared vicious by law enforcement or a humane officer.

The misdemeanor could carry up to nine months in prison. If that dog attacks another person and the owner didn't try to control the dog, the owner could be charged with a felony that carries a maximum sentence of up to six years in prison. The prohibition would last 10 years after the felon is released from prison or until the end of the felon's extended supervision.

A dog could be determined "vicious" if it caused serious injury or death to a person or another animal, bit a person without being provoked or is seen as reasonably threatening by another resident. Hansen introduced versions of the bill in the last two sessions, with both bills dying at the end of the Legislative sessions.

Check out our crossword, sudoku and Jumble puzzles >>

The bill includes a provision allowing felons to apply for an exemption based on their livelihood. Hansen said the language was added to protect those who may run breeding operations or require a guard dog for their business. It also allows a felon to appeal the determination of viciousness.

Green Bay Police Lt. Bill Dongle said vicious dogs are being used mostly by felons involved in drug trafficking and those involved in dog fighting operations. Dongle cited one incident in which a SWAT team on a local drug bust was attacked by a pitbull, which police then had to shoot.

The department's animal control officer, Sharon Hensen, said drug task force and probation officers have encountered dogs in at least half of the visits they make. Hensen said felons who use their dogs as weapons should be punished.

"To me it's a very necessary legislative tool," Hensen said. "If a convicted felon cannot hold a gun, why can they have a dog that's so dangerous?"

The Dog Federation of Wisconsin, an advocacy group for dog owners and breeders, opposed the bill in past sessions. Tracey Johnson, the group's vice president, said previous versions prevented a felon from owning a dog that was not spayed or neutered and that such a law ignored the fact that the felon has "served their debt to society."

Johnson said the group had not yet decided whether to support the latest version, but said she thought the definitions of vicious were difficult for a humane officer to interpret.

"In order to have a credible finding, the person observing and or testing the dog would have to be knowledgeable about canine behavior," Johnson said. "The current State of Wisconsin Humane Officer training does not begin to provide those officers with the necessary education to make a vicious dog declaration."

Hensen dismissed the criticism, saying that humane officers know these situations better than normal law enforcement officers.

"I'm very proactive, I don't want to see children get harmed, I don't want to see the elderly get taken down," Hensen said. "If they don't take steps to correct that behavior, they're leading down that path."

AP-WF-04-23-11 1516GMT

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red Setter Places 1st in Ruffed Grouse Society Gun Dog Trial

The Ruffed Grouse Society in Michigan runs a series of regional gun dog trials for their members to compete it. The trials are judged similar to NSTRA events. The top four dogs from each regional trial qualify to compete in the MI Gun Dog of the Year Trial.

I have ran my red setter, Ivy, in these events for the past two years. She had done well, but not well enough to earn a placement. This year was different.... As the lone red setter in the 26 dog field, she ended up in the top spot at the end of the day. She had three finds with a very animated and efficient race. The judges said she was the nicest moving dog at the trial.

For once in my life, some poor shooting actually helped us out. On her third and final find, she locked up hard on a chukar on the edge of a woodlot. I flushed the bird and only managed to hit it lightly with my second shot. The bird sailed down and dropped into a small valley about 100 yards away. Ivy saw it go down and dug into the cover looking for the bird. I heard her bell heading my way, and sure enough, she popped over the hill carrying the bird. She dropped the bird at my feet, shook off some water, and kept right on running. This lengthy retrieve sealed her spot as the top dog of the day.

Ivy is out of Ch King Cormac x Red Ivy Shelby Girl.
We spend most of our time afield chasing ruffed grouse and woodcock in northern Michigan and also make an annual trip to South Dakota.

- Brad Utrup

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 National Championship Pictures...

Tim & Kris Hammons show off their Hall of Fame cake!

Stan ZZZ and sweet Sue!

No explanation needed!

Don Beauchamp presents the Red Setter Hall of Fame to Tim and Kris Hammons on behalf of the red setter Champion Rock The World

Jim Ashby receives the Walking Dog Award from Bonnie Hidalgo and Don Beauchamp

Kris Hammons and Dennis Hidalgo

Rupert Colmore and Deb Fazenbaker

Deb and Al Fazenbaker share a moment

Relaxing after a day of running dogs...

Championship judges Tom Perry and David Sparks

A red setter waits his turn...

Board member Tom Norton prepares to head out

Board Secretary Ed Lierman scouting a dog

NRSFTC Treasurer Ross Leonard prepares to run a dog

Board Secretary Ed Lierman riding in after a brace

Pro handler Don Jones

Al Fazenbaker's King Cormac (retired)

Dr. Roger Boser walks through his string of red setters

Dr. Roger Boser heads out to the next brace

Board member Dr. Roger Boser doing chores

Shooting Dog Championship Trial Chair Bonnie Hidalgo

NRSFTC President Don Beauchamp and Flushing Whip Editor Deb Fazenbaker

Futurity Chair Al Fazenbaker relaxing between braces