Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Sadie " The new Kid on the Block

This spring Kira had a litter of 3. Of these three pups Sadie was the one I kept. One of the reasons I kept her was noone really wanted a red setter with green eyes a brown nose and white fur on it. Those things din't matter to me what I saw in her was all the qualities I was looking for in a pup. She's very brite catches on quick hard driving ,no fear, natural love for birds, yet great around the house comical personality, gentle and sweet natured. I've worked with Sadie very little over the summer because of her age, it wasn't until late summer early fall that I really started woking with her. To anyone who has passed up a red setter pup because it has green eyes and a brown nose, that's a very silly reason. This little pup Sadie up to this point is every bit as good as any brown eye, black nose ,solid red, red setter I've ever had. Sadie's brown nose finds birds very well and her green eyes show that spark that tells you there is someone home in there.
The old addage "don't judge a book by it's cover " applies here.

Team Moxi

Lately I've been working with Moxi and Kira together. Kira has very limited experience for her age of 5 yrs. Kira has been paying close attetion to Moxi and has been picking up skills very quick. My last session out with them for pheasants proved to be spectacular. This was the kind of hunt any bird hunter hunting with two dogs would love to experience. Inside of 30 minutes each dog had a point and a back and my shooting was on the mark. Watching it all transpire was exactly what creates a bird dog addict. Shooting the pheasant is mearly a bonus the real reward is being there to witness and appreciate the beauty
this little part of God's creation.
If you've never hunted with a pointing dog you owe to yourself to give it a shot! It's more fun than a day at an amusement park.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Minnesota Moxi

Up here in Minnesota Moxi is still hunting hard. Now 5 years old Moxi is very proficient with pheasant and grouse. Moxi has still been doing work at a local preserve hunting for father son team and small businesses
out for a day with clients. Moxi impresses those that get to shoot over her. Some folks nervous at first because Moxi doesn't always hunt close, being a trial dog she's not afraid to punch out there to find the bird. When folks begin to understand that she can hold a bird until they are able to get there to take a shot, they begin to relax and see the beauty in what's taking place. That's why I began guiding groups so that I could share the beauty of working with a pointing dog and to disprove any thoughts that anyone may have about red dogs being able to hunt. Don't get me wrong Moxi isn't perfect things don't always play out as in the pages of Field & Stream, if I had better writing skills I sure could write a couple good stories now. Moxi and I have many more success stories than we do
failed. It's not just Red Dogs but any dog being used for it's intent and worked with, honing and fine tuning to the level of your own satisfaction. For me to drive an hour to a hunting spot, shoot my limit of two roosters in 30 to 45 minutes... well lets just say, I'm okay with that! To have them pointed for me, priceless.

Monday, November 8, 2010

ISCA National Field Trial...

The Irish Setter Club of America held their national field trial and supporting stakes this past week at Booneville Arkansas. Here are a few pics of the action. Thanks to Jeannie Wagner for the pics!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dog pills...

Before you let your dog have the keys tonight for his big date...

... be sure to remind him of the dangers of mixing alcohol and meds! Yes, this is an actual label for an actual veterinarian-dispensed drug.

Thanks to Terrierman blog for this pic!