Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red Setter Places 1st in Ruffed Grouse Society Gun Dog Trial

The Ruffed Grouse Society in Michigan runs a series of regional gun dog trials for their members to compete it. The trials are judged similar to NSTRA events. The top four dogs from each regional trial qualify to compete in the MI Gun Dog of the Year Trial.

I have ran my red setter, Ivy, in these events for the past two years. She had done well, but not well enough to earn a placement. This year was different.... As the lone red setter in the 26 dog field, she ended up in the top spot at the end of the day. She had three finds with a very animated and efficient race. The judges said she was the nicest moving dog at the trial.

For once in my life, some poor shooting actually helped us out. On her third and final find, she locked up hard on a chukar on the edge of a woodlot. I flushed the bird and only managed to hit it lightly with my second shot. The bird sailed down and dropped into a small valley about 100 yards away. Ivy saw it go down and dug into the cover looking for the bird. I heard her bell heading my way, and sure enough, she popped over the hill carrying the bird. She dropped the bird at my feet, shook off some water, and kept right on running. This lengthy retrieve sealed her spot as the top dog of the day.

Ivy is out of Ch King Cormac x Red Ivy Shelby Girl.
We spend most of our time afield chasing ruffed grouse and woodcock in northern Michigan and also make an annual trip to South Dakota.

- Brad Utrup

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 National Championship Pictures...

Tim & Kris Hammons show off their Hall of Fame cake!

Stan ZZZ and sweet Sue!

No explanation needed!

Don Beauchamp presents the Red Setter Hall of Fame to Tim and Kris Hammons on behalf of the red setter Champion Rock The World

Jim Ashby receives the Walking Dog Award from Bonnie Hidalgo and Don Beauchamp

Kris Hammons and Dennis Hidalgo

Rupert Colmore and Deb Fazenbaker

Deb and Al Fazenbaker share a moment

Relaxing after a day of running dogs...

Championship judges Tom Perry and David Sparks

A red setter waits his turn...

Board member Tom Norton prepares to head out

Board Secretary Ed Lierman scouting a dog

NRSFTC Treasurer Ross Leonard prepares to run a dog

Board Secretary Ed Lierman riding in after a brace

Pro handler Don Jones

Al Fazenbaker's King Cormac (retired)

Dr. Roger Boser walks through his string of red setters

Dr. Roger Boser heads out to the next brace

Board member Dr. Roger Boser doing chores

Shooting Dog Championship Trial Chair Bonnie Hidalgo

NRSFTC President Don Beauchamp and Flushing Whip Editor Deb Fazenbaker

Futurity Chair Al Fazenbaker relaxing between braces

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I don't normally post information on puppies available for sale on the blogsite, since we have a spot on our website to post puppy info, but this is a special case and so I'm taking the liberty of giving someone a little exposure to help him sell some red setters...

Several years ago, 2009 to be exact, a youngster by the name of Brian Morgan attended our National Championship in Berea with his dad. I remember the week well because it was the year that Wing Shot Fling was inducted into the Red Setter Hall of Fame. That year, during our annual auction, Jim Ashby had donated a puppy out of his Hondo litter, and Brian Morgan bid on the puppy and won! Brian joined the National Red Setter FTC, and was actually the youngest dues-paying member in the country. Now, fast forward to 2011. Brian is a bit older now, but still very much involved in red setters. He has his Hondo puppy, called "Lucky", and he also a very nice female called "Roxie" who is largely Brophy breeding out of Ken Ruff's red setter line. As fate would have it, Lucky and Roxie got together, and now Brian has a litter of red setters! Brian has 4 males and 1 female for sale. So, if you've been thinking about getting a red setter, please give Brian a call. This breeding is from quality blood lines... both Jim Ashby and Ken Ruff have been in this game for a while, and have produced high quality red setters time and again. These dogs will make excellent bird dog prospects for hunting and/or field trialing. Brian's contact numbers are 859-250-2275 or 859-466-2381. Thanks for supporting this young man's efforts at honoring the Purest Challenge!

Puppies from Lucky and Roxie

Lucky (the proud father)

Brian with his red setter female Roxie

A younger Brian at the 2009 National Championship

Jim Ashby and the proud new owner of "Lucky"
A special thanks to Jim Ashby for donating an item that really hooked someone into the Purest Challenge!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Championship Video...

Some video from the 2011 Spring Red Setter National Championship... this clip showing Ross Leonard and Ed Lierman breaking their dogs away... thanks to Martin Daugherty for sharing this video.

Our friend's red setter Finn...

Our friend Mary Cornelly has a dog out of one of our breedings (King Cormac x Flushing Whip Flash Edition)... here are some pics she wanted to share... thanks Mary!

Proud Futurity Winners!

Dennis and Bonnie Hidalgo of Firefly Farms receive the coveted Golden Whistle, awarded to the Futurity Winner of the National Red Setter Futurity. Firefly's Hot Tip took the blue to win the Futurity and the whistle for the 2011 Futurity. Presenting the award is the Futurity Chair Al Fazenbaker. Congratulations to Dennis, Bonnie, and Hot Tip!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

National Championship results

Final results of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club National Championship and supporting stakes...


Champion: Code Red (Hammons)
RU: Breakstone (Boser)

Red Setter National Futurity (Handler/Breeder):

1st: Firefly's Hot Tip (Hidalgo/Hidalgo)
2nd: Justified (Boser/Cottle)
3rd: Calypso (Boser/Cottle)
4th: Placement withheld

Open All Age:

1st: Breakstone (Boser)
2nd: Silverado (Colemore/Williams)
3rd: Tuffy (Colemore/Williams)

Open Shooting Dog:

1st: Silverado (Colemore/Williams)
2nd: Redstone (Boser)
3rd: Tuffy (Colemore/Williams)

Open Walking Derby (NBHA Points stake):

1st: Hanna PF Gunner Graven
2nd: Leonard's Strongbow (Woody) RSM Fazenbaker
3rd: Vitali's Grouseringer (Stogey) SM Vitali

Carter Memorial Open Shooting Dog Classic (1 hour, NBHA Points stake):

1st: Tuff PM Foshee
2nd: Meteu Medicine Man (Mattie) RSM Fazenbaker
3rd: Prickly Ash Ann (Annie) SF Purvis

Open Puppy

1st: Jake Agnew
2nd: John Agnew
3rd: Woody Fazenbaker

A complete report will follow in the upcoming edition of the Flushing Whip, as well as a future issue of the American Field. Pictures of the trial will be forthcoming in the next few days as they become available.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Championship Update...

Code Red

National Red Setter FTC update... National Championship winner: Code Red (Tim Hammons) RU: Breakstone (Roger Boser). Red Setter Futurity: 1st Firefly's Hot Tip (Hidalgo), 2nd Justified (Boser) 3rd Calypso (Boser). More to follow...