Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Nonsense From The PETA Nuts...

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Dog Bloggers Make a Difference.

A huge hat tip to all the folks that helped stick a needle in the gas bag of hot air that is PETA, which put out a press release trying to shoe in on the legitimate concerns of those of us who LOVE DOGS and want to see them improved. PETA, of course, simply wants to kill dogs, going so far as to object to guide dogs for the blind as Christine Keith points out in a very nice piece yesterday. The Los Angeles Times rolled out a piece quoting Jemima Harrison's press release blasting PETA for ("BBC documentarian: "PETA is a bunch of crackpots") and followed it up with a piece noting that almost NO ONE commenting on the previous The Los Angeles Times piece supported PETA ("Does everybody hate PETA?"). The answer is: Everyone with a brain does. Or, as Gina at Pet Connection puts it: "Why is anyone still listening to PETA?" You want to know who speaks for dogs? Here are a few of those who stood up and spoke up this week: Ryan at DogMagazine.Net, Heather at Raised by Wolves, Gina and Christine at Pet Connection, Chas at Southern Rockies Nature Blog, Patty at Dolittler, Doug at Harris Hawk Blog, Shirley at Yes Biscuit!, Selma at Caveat, and Janeen at Smartdogs' Weblog. Thanks for helping define the debate 'y'all!


Thanks to the Terrierman blogsite !! Be sure to visit this blog for some great info on WORKING dogs!!

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