Sunday, January 18, 2009

Honorary Members...

Last year the National Red Setter Field Trial Club honored two very special women by awarding them honorary life memberships in the NRSFTC. Linda Rollinson and Teresa Bruns were honored at our spring Championship in Berea, KY.

Since we were on the topic, here's a bit of interesting history of our Honorary membership taken from old issues of the Flushing Whip...

In 1976 the Board of Directors passed a resolution directing that Honorary Members "to further the meaning of these Life Memberships by awarding a plaque, which would be a tangible reminder of the club's appreciation of the job that these people have done to further the cause of the red setters." Each plaque was enscribed with "In recognition for contributions to the Red Setter Challenge."

The first Honorary Lifetime members were awarded in the spring of 1956: Mr. Alan Campbell, Mr. Henry L. Betten, Mr. Oliver H. Neimeyer, Mr. John Horace Lytle, Mrs. Edwin M. Berol, Mr. Henry P. Davis, and Mr. Elias C. Vail.

In 1976, the following additonal Honorary members had been added to the roster:

Rusty Baynard, Ned LeGrande, Dave Hassinger, Joyce Schollenberger, Herm David, Marge Moffat, Ed Schnettler, Joe Cannon, Judge Robert Coleman.

Betty Durham, William Cooper, Lois Crum, Mrs. J.B. Owens, and Mrs. R.C. Baynard are current life members of the NRSFTC, along with Mrs. Rollinson and Mrs. Bruns.

The National Red Setter Field Trial Club thanks these individuals for their contributions to the Purest Challenge!

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