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Changing Breed Standards...

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The recent efforts by the British Kennel Club to make a move on the British bulldog are a direct result of the impact of a critical documentary by the BBC that pointed out the fallacies of breeding dogs for conformation. It's interesting that the UK has now decided to hire an ethologist (animal behavioral scientist) to direct policy for the UK breeds. (see previous blog posting) Do not be surprised if the AKC follows suit... they have already made a recent policy decision to outlaw the breeding of close relatives. For example, it is now illegal to register a puppy out of a mother/son, father/daughter, or brother/sister mating. In other words, the AKC is now directing breeding policy at the individual breeder level.

I find it ironic that an organization with a 100 year history of having a great track record of destroying the working qualities of a breed is now engaging in specific policies directed at the level of the individual breeder. Under what authority does the AKC deem itself the font of knowledge of canine breeds? It certainly isn't it's track record! And, while I am certainly the first one to point out that incestual matings are not nessisarily the normal course of action for a given breeding, setting an overall policy of negating such a mating smacks of the typical powermongering and micro-management that has been the ear-mark of the AKC for many years.

I have stated before, and I state again... breeding policies should be set by breeders, in conjunction with a consortium of geneticists, field trialers, hunters (or whatever working quality is being used by the breed owner), and the registry of use. The UK (and AKC) heavy handed directives being handed down as a result of the BBC documentary are simply another example of the misdirection of the big registries. Bottom line... the AKC isn't about dog quality, it's about money.

If the AKC is really interested in quality dog breeding, I would recommend the following text:

The Modern Red Setter
by Truman Cowles

to quote the website advertisement:

The Modern Red Setter, a historical perspective of the working Irish Red Setter with emphasis on its development in the United States.

Truman Cowles takes us on an exciting journey to the beginnings of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club, and covers the evolution of the Irish Red Setter to its prominence today as a superb gunning companion and class field trial shooting dog.

If anyone knows something about "breed improvement" its us... THE NATIONAL RED SETTER FIELD TRIAL CLUB. Yes, we're the ones who fixed the mess that the AKC made of the Irish setter. Our product speaks for itself.

It's called the PUREST CHALLENGE.

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