Saturday, November 15, 2008


Dear Sportsmen and Animal Owning Friends:

Washington-based anti-hunter and anti-dog breeder legislators need to be repulsed in the next few days or we may lose our strongest DC supporter with devastating long-term impacts. California anti's led by Rep. Henry Waxman are attempting to topple Rep. John Dingell as House Energy and Commerce chairman. Rep. Waxman, from Beverly Hills, is an ultra liberal who has voted for EVERY Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) measure since 1996. That's right, 100% on two anti-hobby dog breeding bills, five anti-hunting bills, ten+ ill-considered livestock measures and scores more. Nearly all these bills failed, due to moderates such as John Dingell speaking and voting against them. John Dingell, from Michigan, is the dean of the House and is the highest profile and most influential supporter of sportsmen and animal owners in the U.S. Congress. See his legislative accomplishments at http://www.cookpoli node/2404 John is also an avid big game hunter and waterfowler, a dog owner and has served on the boards of NRA and Ducks Unlimited. He has never let us down and has repeatedly gone to bat for us on hunting, fishing, conservation, animal and gun ownership, influencing many other legislators and public opinion. Literally, almost without exception, Mr. Waxman and his group attempting to unseat John Dingell are animal rights zealots who have been repeatedly endorsed and funded by the anti-animal owner, anti-hunting Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS). The anti-Dingell faction includes some 24 California democrats and other HSUS favorites. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle considers this sub group his hard core strongest supporters. They introduce dozens of ill-conceived animal rightist bills every year. It's critical that a very senior, high-profile moderate democratic committee chairman such as John Dingell not be dragged down by these elements. Should these radicals succeed, an experienced and meaningful voice will be muted and the next Congress will take decided shift to the left in all legislative areas. Sportsmen and animal owners concerns are important to us but they don't receive major Washington press coverage. However, this crucial struggle between moderates and liberals for the control of the 111th Congress has received significant reporting that you may not have seen. Two recent reprints from Roll Call are attached.


As soon as possible, telephone and email all House Democrats and urge that they retain John Dingell as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The caucus vote will occur on either November 17 or 18, 2008 and newly elected members will have a voice.Everyone should have his or her two DC Senators and one House member in his address book and on speed dial. Telephoning your personal representatives is more effective than emailing. This is especially true for short fused, very simple messages.

To find your rep's contact info, input your zip code in http://www.congress .org/congressorg /directory/

The message is crystal clear, "Vote John Dingell for House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman. At this critical time, the country needs him in charge." Rep. Rick Boucher is whipping votes for John Dingell. Tell him attaboy. Call all six (6) VA democrats and urge them to vote John Dingell for Energy and Commerce chairman. New Reps Paul Nye 757.273.7217, Tom Perriello 434.971.1344 and Gerry Connolly 703.267.6888 will be in DC next week for new member orientation. Call them ASAP, i.e. preferably before tonight. They'll also be attending the 111th Congress organzational meetings and will have a vote in the Dingell-Waxman chairmanship fight. Tell them to make their first votes in DC ones to make you proud.Please forward and cross post widely. Every call counts. Reach out to your family and friends. Thank you.

Sincerely,Bob Kane, Chairman EmeritusVirginia Hunting Dog Owners' AssociationSportsmen and Animal Owners' Voting Alliancehttp://vhdoa. uplandbirddog. com http://saova. org

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