Monday, February 11, 2008

A Little BIt of History...

Found this old copy of the American Field, dated Nov. 28, 1953... the report of the 1st National Red Setter Field Trial Club Open Shooting Dog Championship, held on Kelly's Island, Ohio. At that time, Kelly's Island had a population of thousands of pheasants, and not much else. Most of the island was farmland or thickets. The Championship stake was won by our foundation red setter, Askew's Carolina Lady, although the Champion title was withheld. Here's what the reporter R.C. "Rusty" Baynard, Jr. had to say...

"up until the last brace of the Championship, it looked as though the judges would have to name a dog that had the least mistakes, and of that we were not too proud. But, as so often happens, along comes one dog that helps pull the chestnuts out of the fire. Askew's Carolina Lady was named the winner, but not a champion. Lady, is not a fast dog, is very merry; her tail is always busy and high and most of the time she carries her head high, searching for body-scent; at times, though, she will lower her head and work on foot-scent. You can overlook this when you see her go boldly to her bird and swell up, head and tail high, every muscle acquiver with anticipation, a beautiful sight to a bird dog man and particularly so to a red setter enthusiast. " Lady was owned and handled by Ned LeGrande.

Also winning that October 17 1953 day on Kelly's Island were the following...

Amateur puppy: Patrick Michael O'Brien, T.L. Miller, handler

Open derby: Willow Winds Hobo, Ned LeGrande, handler

Amateur SD: Highpoint Fleet, Arthur Church, handler

Novice stake: Shelley's Red Spice, Joyce Schollenberger

Askew's Carolina Lady

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