Sunday, February 3, 2008


The recent spat of legislation occuring throughout the United States regarding the attempts by various "animal rights" groups (notably PETA and HSUS) has illuminated the differences in philosophies of these so-called animal rights groups and how they distinguish between humans and animals. Animal rights groups wish to convey the same status on the various animals as that conveyed on humans. The reference of pets as "companion animals" is just a first step in the move to have your dogs, cats, horses, and chickens provided with the same constitutional rights bestowed upon us by our founding fathers. (I think that Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave to see such lunacy in the legislatures). Here is an interesting point of view from a posting on the No Pit Bull Ban website, in reference to the current legislation in the state of Ohio revising kennel regulations. As expected, the HSUS and PETA are fully supportive of this legislation, which will be a step closer to conferring "human" status on our dogs and cats.

From the website...

"As for ‘equal rights’ with humans, this is problematic on many levels. I’ll say right now that I treat my dogs as well as, or better than I treat myself, so I’m not one of those ‘I can do whatever I want’ types.
1. If dogs are equal to humans, then I presume euthanasia in the case of extreme suffering or terminal illness would be disallowed?
2. If dogs are equal to humans, then I presume this would overturn Ohio’s various ‘breed’ (race) bans?
3. If dogs are equal to humans then they surely cannot be sterilized without informed consent?
4. If dogs are equal to humans, then any barriers to their entry into businesses, public places, etc, would be nullified?
5. If dogs are equal to humans, then they are entitled to subsidized healthcare (in Canada, don’t know about various states but since dogs are impecunious they would likely qualify for medicare).
6. If dogs are equal to humans, they the should not be leashed or confined against their will and cannot be considered to be at large when out enjoying themselves, so there goes the pound.
7. If dogs are equal to humans then they should be free to choose their human families and friends.
8. If dogs are equal to humans, then they don’t require licences, microchips or tattoos - as free and equal citizens they should be recognized on their own recognizance.
9. If dogs are equal to humans, must they be paid for any work they perform and is there a minimum wage? Where would these wages accrue, in trust funds set up for their progeny?"

I'm wondering if my dogs will be able to file for unemployment compensation during the off-hunting/trialing season. Actually, if this works out, I might be able to quit my job, and let my dogs support me by "going on the system." Can they apply for "dog food stamps?" What about subsidized housing? Reduced lunches at "obedience school? But what about the ligitation over the forced marriages? We might be in trouble there...

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