Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer training...

Enough of the nonsense of all the nuts circulating around the world! Back to red dog land! Here are some pics of some of my young derbies I've been working the last couple of weeks. As usual, I'm behind the "eight ball" with dog work... I took most of July off to get some work done down south, so didn't get any dog training done here at home... and, because of the high gas prices, we didn't go north to the Dakotas this year, so we're trying to get some work done here at the farm in northeast Ohio. These are my three young projects for this year...

Flushing Whip Razor Cut (Aiken x Solitaire)

Flushing Whip Photo Op (Breakstone x Flushing Whip Flash Edition)

Flushing Whip Roger Ramjet (Breakstone x Flushing Whip Flash Edition)

Have some pics of your training projects? Send a copy and we'll share them on the blogsite.

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