Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Versatile Irish Hunter...

Chris Hall bought a puppy from me several years ago, a male pup I had produced out of an AKC Brophy bitch (Eva) and Come Back Shagdancer, a great hunting/field trial dog out of Joe Edward's Come Back Kennels. Chris is an avid hunter... deer, grouse, duck, goose, you name it... if it has fur or feather, he's on it. So, having a red dog certainly would seem to raise a few eyebrows among the hardcore versatile crowd. Now, I'm not saying that a red dog would be up for a performance in Fargo ND at -20 and a 40 mph wind in the deep of winter, retrieving ducks out of a water hole... but, they certainly can hold their own, and if you like to do a little bit of everything like Chris does, those red dogs will certainly fit the bill, and they'll do it well! (I'm afraid to ask Chris if they've retrieved any raccoons, rabbits, or groundhogs...) Chris is an active member of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, is a NAVHDA judge, and he also has qualified and ran one of his red dogs in the prestigious NAVHDA Invitational (the FIRST red dog to do so, but not the last, I suspect!). Anyhow, here are some pics of Chris' dogs doing their thing on the local game population... by the way, Chris is up to 3 red dogs now, and just got back from hunting up in the Dakotas, where those red dogs ate up the territory and did it with true red dog style! How's that for Honoring The Challenge!! Yeah!!!

Visit Chris and his Far Darring Setters at http://www.nrsftc.com/FarDarring/



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