Thursday, November 15, 2007

American Sporting Dog Alliance

As many of you are already aware, field trials and the field trial way of life are in serious jeapordy throughout the USA. Animal rights activists over the past several years have placed subversive but effective pressure on field trial grounds access, with the result that we are losing these grounds for trialing. And, lest you think that field trials are an isolated instance of this trend, you are mistaken. Animal rights activists, who are well funded and well organized, are working to eliminate the ownership of all animals. That means no field trials, hunting dogs, pets, companion animals, bench show, agility, obedience, flyball, and all the dog sporting events that we enjoy and love.

There is only one way to fight this threat... we must organize and work together.

John Yates, a well known field trialer from the Pennsylvania area, has begun an effort to organize our many factions and come together for a common cause... the right to own, train, breed and compete with our dogs. Regardless of your particular interest, IF YOU OWN A DOG, YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POSTING.

The new organization, the American Sporting Dog Alliance, is just getting off the ground. They need your support of finances, as well as your willingness to spread the word and to participate in the start-up process. Check out the website at

A blogsite for the organization is in the works... more will be posted as this becomes available... in the meantime, spread the word... it's time we start fighting back to combat this menace to our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO OWN AND TRAIN DOGS.

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Jim Harris said...

Al, I took the liberty of cross posting this on several dog message boards. Very nicely written.
Jim Harris