Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Red setter registry project...

Some of you may already be aware... Christie Young and I are working to build a registry of our red setters, to be used for historical purposes, and perhaps eventually, to track genetic issues and be a tool for breeding. We are using a program that English setter aficionado Ed Morgan has used to build the very nice English setter pedigree base. This is a long term project, for obvious reasons, but I am hoping that anyone who has access to red setter pedigrees, either FDSB or AKC, of working Irish setters, if they would be willing to share that info with us, we would be most appreciative. I know that there are several folks who visit these pages who have been involved in red dogs in the past or are currently working with them; or, if you happen to know of someone who might have old records, if you could hook me up with them, that would also be very helpful.

Thanks again!
Al Fazenbaker

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