Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lil red setter/Moxi

Just wanted to share these photos especially to anyone who may think that Irish Setters can't hunt. Moxi, here in these photos, is a 37lb. dual registerd field bred irish setter now coming up on 5 years of age. Moxi hunts preserve birds at a local preserve for large groups where she has surprised many with her ability to find and handle birds.
Moxi also competes in field trials and has a few wins to her name.
Not to mention she is also excellent on wild birds, woodcock, grouse and pheasant. Moxi is an excellent dog to hunt with she always finds something. Sometimes skunk , porqupine or raccoon etc... etc... all of which she will point and wait till I arrive to give her her next command even if it takes me 10 to 15 minutes to get to her.
There have been several times now it has taken me longer to drive to a hunting location than the time we spent afield before bagging our limit. I've had the pleasure of seeing her do some pretty amazing things in the field that I think would be amazing for any dog not my own and regardless of the breed.
Moxi is the result of a breeding I did with hope that I would get that one pup that would possess the the positive attributes of her parents and indeed she does.

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