Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fall Championship Results...

At last... the results of the 2009 NRSFTC Shooting Dog Championship and supporting stakes. My apologies for the lateness; we had some lag time getting pictures and results, and then the holidays took priority on time.

The results:
Open Shooting Dog Championship:

Patina, RSF, owned and handled by Roger Boser... Champion
Picadilly, RSF, owned and handled by Roger Boser... Runner-up

Amateur Shooting Dog Championship:

Breakstone, RSM, owned and handled by Roger Boser... Champion
Chaperon, RSM, owned and handled by Ross Leonard... Runner-up

Open Derby:

1st: Youtoo, RSM, Roger Boser
2nd: Redstone, RSF, Roger Boser
3rd: Come Back Tuffy, RSF, Rupert Colmore/Jason Williams

Open Shooting Dog

1st: Come Back Buck, RSM, Ross Leonard
2nd: Jordin, RSF, Bonnie Hidalgo
3rd: Come Back Patches, RSF, Billy Vaughn

Open Puppy:

1st: Firefly's Hot Tip, RSF, Dennis Hidalgo
2nd: Firefly's Little Dickens, RSM, Bonnie Hidalgo
3rd: Conneaut Creek Holly's Memory, RSF, Allen Fazenbaker

Walking Shooting Dog:

1st: Flushing Whip Roger Ramjet, RSM, Allen Fazenbaker
2nd: Keelie of the Snows, RSF, Sonja Norton

Congratulations to all the winners and placements!

Be sure to plan on attending our spring renewal at Berea KY as we run our NRSFTC Championship and Futurity. Hope to see you there!

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