Tuesday, August 11, 2009

North Dakota Training Update...

North Dakota training update!

We are having a decent amount of birdwork at Dr. Boser's training grounds. The weather the past couple of weeks was unseasonably cool, and as a result we have been able to get some good conditioning on the red dogs! This week the weather has warmed considerably, more like "normal" North Dakota weather in August. Today we broke dogs away at around 6:30 am and the temp was around 55 degrees... it is currently 95 degrees at 3 pm! Back to normal! It's supposed to cool down a bit by the weekend, hopefully.

We've been hitting a fair number of both pheasants and chickens, haven't seen any huns yet this year, which is a shame because I love to see the young dogs' eyes bug out when a covey of huns comes up!!

Another week and I have to head back to Ohio and back to work... here's a couple of videos of some ND action from earlier this week...

This is my young Shooting Dog "Ruby" running with one of Dr. Boser's derbies... getting a snoot full of wild bird action!

Two of Dr. Boser's young Shooting Dogs (Touchstone and Jericho) work some prairie birds one morning. This country is about 50 miles southwest of Bismarck, west of the Cannonball River, near Flasher ND

Some red setter puppies out of Dr. Boser's red setter "Breakstone"... about 6 weeks old, on a walk to get the mail at the road...

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