Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alert For Wisconsin Dog Owners...

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This is a BIG HEADS UP Wisconsin!!!

The following alert has just now been posted to the DFOW website: or http://www.dfow. net/DFOWALERTS. htm

DFOW has just been notified by a very credible source that between now and just after legislators go back into session floor periods (September 15,2009), the Humane Society of the United States will be orchestrating a breeder bust.
If you have been listed in a breeder directory, have shown your dogs or have advertised a litter in any publication in the last nine years you must be on your guard at all times. Do not allow anyone into your home without a search warrant. In the State of Wisconsin, Animal Control officers and HSUS do not
have police powers. They must be accompanied by law enforcement (although some law enforcement officers are also animal control officers) with a search warrant in order to enter your premises. If HSUS is working in conjunction with law enforcement and there is a search warrant, you must cooperate. DO NOT SIGN OVER ANY OF YOUR DOGS if threatened. Do not believe those that state that the charges against you
will be lessened if you sign over your dogs. Video tape the entire proceedings. If you are detained asking questions while a search is going on, have another individual available to video tape or photograph the proceedings. Ask for proof of identification. Get names and license plate numbers for those coming onto your property. Some breeders have had to get special permits in order to have more than the arbitrary number of allowed animals in their community and have had to waive
their constitutional rights in order to get those permits. If you are in this situation, you must contact a lawyer and find out what your rights are TODAY. If animal control or law enforcement come to your door, walk out of your door and shut it behind you. Do not allow them to enter your home you go out to them unless they have a search warrant. Please read the article What to do when animal control comes knocking
http://www.dpca. org/BreedEd/ when_animal_ control_comes. htm for more details. If anything seems amiss, make notes of dates and times, take names, get witness names, what they did, take photos, and keep a log of suspicious activities. We often hear fanciers state that this issue will never affect me when it comes to breeder licensing legislation. There have been at least
4 situations that have already happened in OUR STATE since the beginning of the year and breeder licensing requirements have not yet been passed into law. The orchestrated bust that we were warned about today could very well be targeted at any one of us. You must protect yourself against false accusations. This is a very serious situation. If you truly believe in preserving the future of your chosen breed or breeds, you must do everything
in your power to protect those breeds and their heritage. Insist on the preservation of your constitutional rights.
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Tracey Johnston
DFOW Vice President

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