Sunday, July 19, 2009

What A Legacy...

Glen Salmon, USFWS

(taken from the Cover Dog Field Trial Message Board)

He closed down Indiana's field trials, now the USFWS has hired him.

One of the Indiana gang of three biologists that worked with USFWS Region 3 to
stop the running of traditional field trials here in the Hoosier state has now
been appointed to a position with the USFWS in Washington.

Glen Salmon along with IDNR biologists Glenn Lange, and Mark Reiter told the
membership of the Indiana Field Trial Association that they would rather not
have anyone on their properties. When the IN Field Trail Association asked about
each individual point on the Field Trial audit regarding properties where field
trials were run in the Hoosier state their response was " field trialers will
not win these battles, we write the audits and you'll not win."

They were right. These biologists conspired with Region 3 USFWS and NO
traditional field trials have been held on Indiana Fish and Wildlife properties
since. Other states are now in the process of losing their public grounds.

Trialers should be aware now that Mr. Salmon is with the USFWS in Washington.


April 16, 2009

Glen Salmon, director of the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife for the past
seven years, has announced he is retiring after 32 years with the state agency
to accept a position with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C.

"This is really exciting," said Salmon, who will become deputy director for the
federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program. "This is a chance to do
some stuff on the national level, to continue a great relationship between the
states and the Service on this program, and hopefully just make that even

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program provides oversight and
administrative support for 10 federal grant programs that cover wildlife, sport
fish, boating, coastal wetlands conservation, landowner conservation incentives,
and tribal activities.

"It's going to be different," said Salmon, who will remain with DNR through
June. "They have a great culture in the Service, but we have an incredible
culture here (in DNR)."

Salmon managed a staff of 230 DNR employees that includes biologists, property
managers, staff specialists, and natural resource educators. The division
oversees 21 fish and wildlife areas, eight fish hatcheries, numerous other
conservation areas, and hundreds of public access boat ramps.

The division also is responsible for the management of wild animal populations
on both public land and private property.

"Glen is a positive, upbeat, consummate public servant who never sought to gloss
over difficult circumstances," DNR Director Robert E. Carter Jr. said.

Salmon joined the DNR in 1977. His first position was at Cikana State Fish
Hatchery near Martinsville. He later worked at Mixsawbah State Fish Hatchery
near Walkerton before returning to Cikana to become assistant hatchery manager
in 1980. He moved to the DNR central office in Indianapolis in 1980 as a staff
specialist and was promoted to assistant division director in 1998 before
becoming division director in 2002.

Salmon cited the acquisition of Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area and a land-use
agreement for Fairbanks Landing Fish and Wildlife Area as two of the highlights
of his tenure.

Source: Department of Nature Resources

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