Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tri Valley Update..

Field trialers at the line...

For those of us who trial or have trialed at Killdeer Plains, located in northcentral Ohio, I' sure you are aware that those grounds will be soon closing. The state of Ohio has offered a new grounds, located in the TriVally Wildlife Management Area, as a replacement for the Killdeer (and Indian Creek) grounds.

The Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio, the umbrella group for those clubs interested in trialing and competing with bird dogs, is holding its annual summer meeting and picnic at the TriValley grounds. The meeting is to be held on Saturday June 27. All bird dog clubs in Ohio (or who otherwise use Killdeer and/or Indian Creek and are planning to use TriValley) are asked to confirm if they are attending. Please contact Jeannie Wagner at and provide number of people and number of horses you are bringing. If you are not a member of ABDCO, please consider joining... this organization has done much to keep field trials in the state of Ohio, and they need your support!

A recent trial in Ohio sponsored by the Ohio Red Setter Field Trial Club

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