Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Red Setter Win!

Friday May 1st 2009, Minnesota Bird Hunters Association hosted the Izaack Holton Classic in Milaca Minnesota. Moxi ran in that event and made it through without being disqualified. Moxi had four finds a back and a stop to flush. Moxi didn't place but I was satisfied with just making it through the course. Placements went to white dogs.
The supporting stakes were held on May the 2nd and Moxi was victorious with a first place win in the "Open Shooting Dog" Stake, where she had 5 finds a back that was out of the pages of Field and Stream , two stop to flush.
Aside from being a bit on the windy side it was an excellent weekend a cool breeze and warm sunshine, the grounds held enough water that the dogs were able to keep cool yet dry enough noone really had to get their feet wet. The quail flew well and there was several awesome dogs!

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BlacknTan said...

Saw some pics elsewhere..

Congratulations Moxi on a job well done!