Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Are At War...

Animal Rights groups intend to force the elimination of animals from our lives. No dogs, no hunting, no field trialing, no companion animals, no meat, no fur. We are in the middle of an ideological war. In 20 years, if these animal extremist groups are victorious, we will be excluded from contact with domestic and wild animals. Check out the facts from the group Animal ...

"The modern animal rights movement is not what it seems. Today's activists have perverted once-sensible animal welfare goals by putting animals ahead of human beings and employing a "by any means necessary" philosophy to achieve their goals of "total animal liberation." Led by PETA, the Humane Society of the United States, and other activist groups, the animal liberation movement does not seek to improve animals' lives. Its goal is to place unnecessary restrictions on ordinary people like you. Today's activists want to force you to eat nothing but beans and greens; and wear nothing but cotton, rayon, and rubber. They want to ban hunting, fishing, zoos, rodeos, and circuses. Some want to permanently end Kosher slaughter. They even want to outlaw the use of animals in the search for cures for AIDS, Parkinson's Disease, and cancer. And a growing number take the law into their own hands, crossing the line from peaceful protest to violent crime. It's a terrible scam. The world deserves to know the truth."

Check out their website at: Well worth a look.

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