Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ohio Red Setter FTC Results...

The Ohio Red Setter Field Trial Club ran its spring renewal on the weekend of April 19 and 20 at the Grand River Wildlife Management Area located in Trumbell County in eastern Ohio. This area is an ideal grounds for running shooting dog stakes, as it has enough open areas to see and show a dog, yet has multiple objectives scattered throughout the course, requiring a dog to be able to hunt in order to find birds. This years entry of 46 dogs had a high level of quality; coupled with the unseasonably warm weather, it put the dogs to the test. Our judging staff for this year's renewal (Dr. Roger Boser, Ed Barlett, Dave Hawke, and Chris Catanzarite) did an outstanding job of separating the dogs, and their opinions were well received.

Following are the results for each of the stakes, as well as pictures of the winners...

Open Walking Puppy (9 entries)
(Roger Boser & Ed Bartlett)

1st Flushing Whip Roger Ramjet RSM Allen Fazenbaker
2nd Quail Trap Sadie ESF Dave Hawke
3rd Little Hope Cracker Jack PM Teri Propst

Open Walking Derby (5 entries)
(Dave Hawke & Roger Boser)

( Top row: M. Borocz, judge Dave Hawke, judge Roger Boser, Tony Giovinale;

Bottom row: Ed Barlett and Chris Catanzarite)

1st Libby At Sunset PF Ed Bartlett
2nd Backcountry Wanderer PF Chris Catanzerite

Open Walking Shooting Dog (10 entries)
(Dave Hawke & Roger Boser)

1st Meteu Medicine Man RSM Allen Fazenbaker
2nd Speedy Mouse PM Bill Aughenbuagh
3rd Goodyear’s White Angel PF Ted Goodyear, owner Chuck Rose, handler

Open Horseback Derby (12 entries)
(Dave Hawke & Ed Bartlett)

(Top row: judge Dave Hawke, Ed Bartlett, Julie McClurg; bottom row: Marty Wohlgamuth, Chris Catanzarite, Tim McClurg)

1st “Penny” PF Marty Wohlgamuth

2nd Backcountry Wanderer PF Chris Catanzarite

3rd Mac’s Silver Dollar PM Tim McClurg

Open Horseback Shooting Dog (10 entries)
(Dave Hawke and Chris Catanzarite)

(Top row: Vince Costello, Ed Bartlett, judge Chris Catanzarite; bottom row: Tim McClurg, Roger Boser, Allen Fazenbaker)

1st Mac’s Iron Will ESM Tim McClurg
2nd Breakstone RSM Roger Boser
3rd Flushing Whip Flash Edition RSF Allen Fazenbaker

Thanks to the judges for their professional judgements! Special thanks to Ed Bartlett, Chuck Rose, Ted Goodyear, and others I can't remember for all of your help! See you again in the fall!

Best, Al Fazenbaker

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