Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More about Moxi's win

Anthony could tell the "whole story," but he's not really one to brag-- so her's a couple more details. This was Moxi's first ever shooting dog stake. At 10 minutes her first find was a wild woodcock. Because of the distance she had to hold point for about five minutes before the judge and Anthony could get to her. There she was in a thicket, staunch on point as the woodcock hunkered down. Moxi held broke. They moved on with three more quail finds the last one with just 1 minute remaining; it took some work but Anthony was able to find and flush the bird just before time was called. Moxi held broke every time. She made nice casts hitting objectives with purpose or in other words she wanted the birds before her bracemate got them. To say the least he was very pleased with her performance. She'd been in Brace one but when all said and done, the judges awarded Moxi first place.The competition was English pointer and English setters.Conditions were 20 degrees, sunny, knee deep snow for much of the first half, it was work. every opportunity for a dog to screw up presented it's self during this brace but Moxi and her brace mate were not fazed.So folks, doesn't Anthony have cause to be just a little proud? Deb

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