Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hall Of Fame Inductions!

Al and Craig working on the new red setter exhibit

Red setter exhibit work in progress...

Craig and Dolly Opel 

Working on the Hall of Fame pics...

Craig, Dolly, and Deb

Making progress!

Welcome to Grand Junction!

Entrance to the city of Grand Junction

Getting close...

Al Faze and Joe Edwards

Bird Dog Museum Director David Smith

Display at the Bird Dog Museum

Red Setter President Don Beauchamp and Al

Red Setter Display

At the Hall of Fame Inductions

Red setter display...

Setter statue in red setter display... donated by club member D.J. Garmin of Texas

Joe Edwards, Bob Schweiger, Don Beauchamp, Craig Opel

Hall of Fame Inductee Joe Edwards and his lovely wife Brenda

Deb Faze, Joe & Brenda Edwards in the sitting room at the Bird Dog Museum

Ed Lierman and Joe Edwards

Deb Faze and Delmar Smith

National Hall of Fame Inductee Dale Bush

Editor of American Field Bernie Matthies

Hall of Fame Inductee Dale Bush and his lovely family

JoAnn Bortz and Mindy Myers, family of Red Setter founder and Hall of Fame Inductee Allen Bortz

The scrolls of the Red Setter Founders being held by club members Deb Faze, Dennis Hidalgo, JoAnn Bortz (Mindy Myers) and Rick Smith

Gary Lockee and Ed Lierman

Brenda and Joe Edwards

Bob Canada and Bernie Matthies

Bernie Matthies and Stan ZZZ of ZanSett Kennels

John Gates and Stan ZZZ

Joe and Brenda Edwards at the National Championship drawing

Stan & Sue

Brad Harter


Al & Ed

John Gates and Don Beauchamp

Craig & Dolly Opel

Congratulations to Joe Edwards and Come Back Lady... 2012 Inductees to the Red Setter Hall of Fame!

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