Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Six Runs Field Trial Club results...

Six Runs FTC Results 

Open Derby (Fazenbaker & Vaughan) 
Nantucket RSF Boser 
Abby PF Russell 
Hank PM Russell 

Open SD (Fazenbaker & Brigman) 
Justified RSM Boser 
Audie RSM Edwards 
Celtic’s Spectacular RSF Melvin 

Open Walking SD (Boser & Vaughan) 
Roger Ramjet RSM Fazenbaker 
Adello RSF Melvin 
Ruby RSF Fazenbaker 

Amateur Derby (Campoli & Vaughan) 
Superfire RSM Melvin 
Tracker RSM Edwards 
Winder RSM Edwards 

Amateur SD (Giddens & Outlaw) 
Breakstone RSM Boser 
Tiger PF Melvin 
Rendition RSM Boser 

Amateur All Age (Boser & Outlaw) 
Browns Tom Tom PM Brigman 
I’m Southern Style SM Giddens 
Hightider RSM Edwards 

Amateur All Age

Amateur Shooting Dog

Dinner at the clubhouse

Seam Melvin at the breakaway

John Outlaw in the judicial saddle

The Drews and friends

Billie Vaughan and Patches

Roger Boser

Sean Melvin and his sons and friend

Sean flushing for a dog

Joe Edwards at Amateur Derby

Open Shooting Dog

Thanks to everyone who pitch in and helped with our first trial at Six Runs in over 10 years... we had 66 dogs and are planning to repeat next year... hope you can join us.

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