Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Dog Lover's Prayer - Happy Easter!

God created the canine and gave it a bark, Great mercy preserved, a pair on the ark; But these fallen creatures, like their earthly masters are bent, Affected by sin, their good nature now rent.

For some they are collectors of ticks, carriers of fleas, scavengers of filth and spreaders of disease. A bother, commitment, an added expense, something you must let out in the morning or keep in a fence.

But a nobler animal, one would not find. A compass to the lost and eyes to the blind. Ears for the deaf, limbs for the lame, a companion through lonliness and comfort in pain.

Greeters with a warm lick or wag of the tail, unconditional loyalty to the strong and the frail. Shepherds, and hunters, pets for entertainment or show, curs that catch in mid-air or in dark burrow below.

Trustworthy alarms that never need wound, A distinct whine or yip from a palace or pound, Protectors of junkyards great treasures of men, A playmate for children, a faithful old friend.

The Lord gave special powers to these creatures, we know. For victims of earthquakes, great floods and deep snow. Discerners of scents and sounds that have faded away, finding the buried, submerged or where injured now lay.

Lord, thank you for the mutt, and the pooch that's pedigreed, thank you for giving us the different dogs that we need. Please make us as useful as our friends with four feet, willing to serve the needs I may meet.

Heavenly Master, may I be quick to obey, whether you call me to go, or command me to stay. Use my life to retrieve souls that have strayed, may I point them to the cross, where their debts have been paid. Amen!

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