Thursday, January 5, 2012

Northeast Birds

Picture's of Anthony's Sadie inspired me to post these of my dog Brody. He's 2.5 yrs old, and also heavy to Bearcat lineage on both sides (son of Chaparral). Most of my pictures of him on point are in the thick stuff, so here's one in the open to show what he looks like. Drinking in scent.

Brody's my first venture into red dogs -- I've had English setters... which by the way are far easier to see in the woods! Brody blends right in with the bracken ferns and alot of other dead leaves, so the beeper collar on point mode is just about essential.

I pretty much hunt ruffed grouse and woodcock, a little in the Lake states but mostly in New England and NY. But not as much as before kids, of course. Fortunately my job brings me across much of the Northeast, so I always bring my dog and a shotgun, just in case. Northern NY and New England are good places to work in October...
More typical of my dog pictures is this one, pointing a woodcock in Maine.

A late season limit of flight birds in New York's Finger Lakes.

and a red phase grouse extracted from a red pine blowdown -- the hardwoods sprouted up nicely, but most of the time you're three feet above ground on slippery dead logs. But the birds were in there.

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