Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Flushing Whip...

Hi all,

This month's issue of The Flushing Whip, the official publication of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club, is devoted to our nominations to the Red Setter Hall of Fame. There are also some interesting articles dealing with red setter history, and an update on our current awards standings. Normally, only club members receive the Whip, but because of the Hall of Fame dogs being mentioned, we thought that some of you might enjoy reading this issue. Our editor, Deborah Fazenbaker, converted this issue to an easy to read PDF format. (if the pages are small, remember you can increase the page size in Adobe Reader at the top). Hope you enjoy this month's issue of the Whip!

If you are interested in receiving the Whip on a regular basis, please shoot Deb an email at and she will be happy to sign you up and make you a part of the "Purest Challenge!"

Thanks everyone,
Allen Fazenbaker

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