Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sherry Ebert For the Hall of Fame

The year was 2003 and Ms. Sherry Ebert was part of the Judicial Saddle for the Irish Setter Club of America’s National Championship. When she addressed the club she said; “I am coming back to win this Championship.” She had no idea where that comment was going to lead her!

In 2004 Ms. Georgia Brown arranged for Sherry to present a training seminar in Texas and the die was cast. Sherry went home with a puppy and the following summer Texas Red Dogs began to head to North Dakota. Following is a record of the achievements resulting from the union of Sherry and Kyle Ebert and the Texas Irish Red Setters.

2005 ISCA National Amateur Champion FC/AFC Fenner’s Jumpin Jack Flash
ISCA Fururity: 1st Brownhaven Burning Bright
2nd Tension (Brownhaven Bred)
4th Brownhaven Shining Symmetry
Derby 3rd Brownhaven Best of the Best
4th Brownhaven Steel Driver

2006 ISCA National Championship 4th Brownhaven Burning Bright
Derby 1st Brownhaven Gabe’s Ranger

2007 ISCA National Championship 3rd Brownhaven Burning Bright
Futurity 3rd Brownhaven Gabe’s Ranger
4th Brownhaven Steel Magnolia
Derby 1st Flame’n Red Legacy
3rd Summer Wine
Region 7 Derby of the year 4 dogs in the top 10

2008 31 Irish Setter Placements in Texas Field Trials (AKC and American Field)

2009 ISCA National Championship CH FC Brownhaven Burning Bright
RU CH FC/AFC Brownhaven Steel Magnolia
Derby 1st Brownhaven Ballistic
2nd Brownhaven The Huntress

Since 2003 Texas Red Dogs under Sherry’s tutelage have earned nearly 100 placements in both the AKC and American Field. Sherry’s ‘kids’ have represented themselves very well in American Field completion. Placing high in the Region 7 dog of the year standings. More than once trialers have been heard to remark, “she has shown me what an Irish Setter can be!”

Sherry has added to The Purist Challenge by developing the Texas Irish Red Setters to their fullest potential. Please support her for the Hall of Fame.

Jim Baker Del Valle, Texas

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