Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Trial Results...

Here are the placements for the NRSFTC 2010 Championship, Futurity, and supporting stakes. Congratulations to all placement winners and participants! I'll try to post some pics in the next few days as they roll in.

Open Championship

Champion: Breakstone, Roger Boser O/H
RunnerUp: Rocky's Straight Arrow, Brian Gelinas, O, Don Jones, H

NRSFTC 38th Futurity

1st: Flinstone Ross Leonard, H; Roger Boser, B
2nd: Redstone Roger Boser, H/B
3rd: Come Back Patches, Billie Vaughan, H; Joe Edwards, B
4th: YouToo Roger Boser, O/H

Open S D

1st: Rock It Tim Hammons, O/H
2nd: Breakstone Roger Boser, O/H
3rd: Touchstone Roger Boser, O/H


1st: Briar David Johnson
2nd: Red Rush Tim Hammons, O/H
3rd: Bud Tim Hammons, O/H

Am. S D

1st: Patina Roger Boser, O/H
2nd: Barbie Bob White, O/H
3rd: Jordin Bonnie Hidalgo, O/H

Walking Derby

1st: Red Bill Aughenbaugh, O/H
2nd: ?? Billy Vaughen, O/H
3rd: Conneaut Creek Holly's Memory Allen Fazenbaker, O/H

Open Walkng SD Classic

1st: Her Ruby Red Slipper Allen Fazenbaker, O/H
2nd: Hondo Muldoon Jim Ashby, O/H
3rd: Meteu Medicine Man Allen Fazenbaker, O/H

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