Sunday, June 14, 2009

Automatic Horse Trough Cleaner...

For those of you who know us personally, you're already familiar with one of our favorite long time red setters Finn McCool... Deb often refers to him in the Flushing Whip, (he's really her dog, I just got to "borrow" him when I went hunting), and he's a constant source of entertainment around the house. Finn spends most of his day outside with me. Now that school is out for a couple of months, I'm usually to be found outside trying to catch up on all the stuff that I couldn't do during the school year. So, while I'm working, Finn is "hunting." Now Finn doesn't much care what he's hunting, as long as he's hunting. Today, for example, he pointed a 4 ft. rat snake behind the house, several ground hogs, a couple of chipmunks, and several assorted amphibia around the pond that I couldn't identify. He's what I call a "versatile" dog. So, today, he decided that something was living in the bottom of the horse trough, so he spend well over an hour trying to retrieve it. Turns out he does a nice job of "scouring" the trough and removing the algae and sludge that has accumulated over the past few months. So, if you need your horse trough cleaned, I've got the dog that can do it.

By the way, he's a pretty good bird dog too... I shot several hundred pheasants over him back when I was still hunting. He's got a great nose and he's smart. But mostly, he's a great family member and a lot of fun!

Finn is out of Quail Ridge Gabe x Brophys Gilly Gal

Thanks to Ken Ruff and Frances Fountain for this enjoyable red setter!

Al Faze

Cleaning the horse trough...

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