Sunday, January 13, 2008

For you fly-fishers...

Before I immersed myself into the red setter world, I used to do quite a bit of fly fishing. We live in an area that has several excellent streams that support good population of various migratory fish species, notably steelhead. If you've never fly fished for steelhead, you're missing a great treat.

Anyway, here's a pic of a fly pattern called the "red setter." The pattern originated in the 1950's by Geoff Sanderson in New Zealand. He used the hair from his Red Setter dog for the tail. There are variations using different materials for the tail and hackle color but the body is most always orange or florescent orange. This fly has a tail of Rhode Island Red hackle (reddish-brown).

And, if you're heading out to do some fishing, there's no reason why you couldn't bring your red setter along! This is an old Irish setter called "Niner"... can't remember who sent me these pics any more, but it sure looks like old "Niner" knew how to fish!

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