Friday, December 14, 2007

Ohio Proposes Kennel Regulations...

The state of Ohio has proposed legislation that would regulate kennels for all dog owners who are breeding dogs. This legislation has the same appearance as the PAWS legislation and the PA Kennel regulations proposed in that state last year. As expected, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is supporting this legislation. The legislation is purported to be designed to eliminate "puppy mills" but in reality will force undue regulation on virtually anyone who breeds dogs in the state of Ohio. HSUS has a bigger agenda than simply attempting to eliminate puppy mills... although they pretend to be a "humane society,", in reality, the HSUS has no affiliation with any local humane society, such as those that typically are found in your local community or county. The HSUS has assets of over $113 million, yet it does not support or operate a single animal shelter. They consistently mislead the American public into donating millions of dollars to the organization, implying that they are a "humane society," when in reality the agenda is to control, limit, and eventuallly eliminate animals from human contact. They are opposed to dog or cat ownership or breeding, farm animal ownership or breeding, rearing animals for milk, meat, egg, or clothing production, fishing, hunting, or any recreational sport involving animals, such as horseback riding, rodeos and similar activities. This is the organization that is supporting the current kennel regulations in Ohio.

This proposal is another example of overzealous governmental regulation that has been proposed to punish the majority of responsible pet owners, rather than using existing laws that would eliminate the few kennels who are violating the law. HSUS is excited about this proposal, because it would give them a "foot in the door" to advancing their extremist, "big brother" agenda on the American public. HSUS is not concerned about animal welfare... if they were concerned, they would be supporting the local humane societies in our state that are constantly struggling to do their work with minimal budgets.

Here are a couple of links to check out the current legislation...

Ohioans... contact your state Congressman and express your opposition to this proposed bill. This will have a negative impact on all aspects of dogs and dog breeding, for everyone from hunters to field trialers, to show and bench folks, and everyone in between. Stand up for your right to own, train, breed and handle your dogs without governmental interference!

Last, but not least, if you want to donate some funds to a humane society... donate to your LOCAL humane society, where the money will be spent in your local community to help control local animal populations. Please do NOT donate to HSUS... your money will not be used to help any animals, and in fact may be used to their detriment!


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